The 8 Best Smart TVs You Can Buy


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panasonic smart tv interface

Smart TVs have become more prevalent as the technology becomes cheaper and more widely available. 

These are web-connected TVs that come prepackaged with apps and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, meaning you don’t need to buy a separate box like an Apple TV or Roku.

Just about every major manufacturers has its own take on a Smart TV. 

We rounded up our favourites here.

The Samsung LED F8000 is one of the company's flagship models for 2013

Samsung recently announced its 2013 line up of Smart TVs.

Samsung's Smart TV technology is some of the most advanced around. Users can interact with their television using voice, gestures, or the remote control.

But what really makes Samsung's 2013 models stand out is built-in software called S Recommendation that helps you find shows to watch and the integrated web cameras and sensors for motion and voice control.

Price: The LED F8000 comes in three sizes: 46 inches, 55 inches, and 65 inches, and are priced at, $2,199, $2,699, and $2,999, respectively.

Samsung's 2013 Plasma Smart TV is the company's other flagship.

Samsung's other 2013 flagship TV, is the the F8500 Plasma.

Samsung promises the F8500 will offer the ultimate picture quality with the deepest blacks and the brightest picture available.

'The F8500 delivers the same brightness levels and eight times the black expression of regular LED TVs, thanks to new luminance enhancements and Samsung's proprietary Deep Black Algorithm and Real Black Pro II for improved black expression,' according to Mark Hodgkinson.

But besides hardware features, the F8500 is also packed with all of Samsung's current SmartTV software. Users will have access to the SmartHub, five panels that show: what's on TV, Movies & TV Shows, Photos, Videos, and Music, Social, and Apps.

Besides these intuitive hubs, the television can give viewers recommendations tailored to what they like and you can speak with it telling it to change the channel to ESPN for example.

You'll be able to buy it at the end of March.

Price: The set comes in two sizes: 60 inches and 64 inches, and sells for $3,199 and $3,699, respectively.

LG's Smart TVs are some of the most advanced around. Each set has built-in WiFi and comes with LG's Magic Remote Control.

The Magic Remote Control allows you to simply wave and click while browsing the Internet or using the LG Dashboard that manages apps and content.

Price: Currently on sale at Best Buy $1,299.99

Sharp's Aquos Smart TV comes in a ton of sizes to fit any living room.

Sharp's line of smart TVs are equipped with all of the online services and apps we've grown used to like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Skype.

Sharp's smart TV also has a built-in web browser and o course built-in WiFi. While Sharp's interface doesn't look as clean as Samsung or LG's, it's still easy to navigate.

A benefit of Sharp's SmartTV line is that it can be automatically updated over the air, so you'll always have the best features.

Price: Sharp's line of SmartTVs start at $699.99 for a 42-inch model and go all the way up to $10,999.99 for a 90-inch set.

Vizio's line of SmartTVs are the most affordable

The Vizio M-Series is a beauty, with a nearly borderless frame and a slim profile.

Besides amazing picture quality backed by a LED Razor backlighting, the Vizio features a suite of enhanced apps like Amazon Instant, Netflix, YouTube, a web-browser, and tons more.

The TV set itself has built in WiF,i but Vizio also includes a WiFi direct universal remote with backlit keys to give more control over your entire home theatre.

Price: Vizio's SmartTVs start as low as $299.99 for a 32-inch and go all the way up to about $1,400 for a 65-inch.

Panasonic has the most personalised smart TV experience

Panasonic's personalised smartTV experience starts with a screen featuring your calendar, the local weather, memos, and favourite content. Apps, a web browser, and photos and videos are just a click away. It also has voice control.

Panasonic's SmartTV interface makes it easy to share and transfer video, photos, music contents and web pages between the TV and your smart devices by linking smartphones or tablet devices to TV.

Price: Panasonic's Smart Viera 50-inch is available for $1,149.99

Vizio has the largest smart TV for the best value.

Vizio 70-inch 1080p Razor LED Smart TV gets you a massive TV for a relatively low price.

Besides having built-in Wi-Fi and a remote with a built-in QWERTY keyboard, Vizio's smart interface gives you access to tons of apps, a web browser, and more.

Price: Available from Amazon for approximately $1,600

The ultimate smart TV is Samsung's 85-inch UN85S9

Last week we learned that Samsung's huge new 4K TV would be available later this year.

The massive set uses next-generation high-definition technology which it's calling 'Ultra High Definition,' or 4K, which means 4,000 pixels wide from side to side on the TV.

Besides its impressive hardware, the UHD TV is packed with the latest software like Samsung's S Recommendation technology, which makes viewing recommendations over time.

Price: $40,000

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