24 Photos That Prove Sir Alex Ferguson Is The Biggest Badass In English Football

sir alex ferguson kissed by fan

Sir Alex Ferguson is retiring.

In his 26 years as coach, he won over 30 trophies and turned Manchester United into a $3-billion juggernaut.

But beyond the titles and money, Sir Alex became a living icon — a figure so large that many believed his mere presence influenced how referees officiated games.

With his style, charisma, and sense humour, he became a coaching superstar, and a legitimate 71-year-old badass.

He makes friends with Turkish policemen

He can barely hold all his trophies

He plants a smooch on his daughter-in-law

He gets a smooch from a fan

He's great at juggling

He's a man of the people

He's best friends with David Beckham

He celebrates like a boss

He had swag back in the day

He doesn't have time for paparazzi

He doesn't have time for mascots

He doesn't have time for players crashing into his coaches box

He doesn't have time for opposing coaches

He pops bottles

He seriously loves juggling

He can pull off a top hat

He wins trophies of all sizes

He's the guest of honour wherever he goes

Sir Alex, holding a Sir Alex picture, in front of the Sir Alex Stand

His style was on point back in the 80s

He coaches with one hand firm on his belt

He's a knight

At age 71, he celebrates like an 11-year-old

They put up a statue of him WHILE HE WAS STILL COACHING

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