3 great TV shows to watch on Netflix this week

Adam Rose/Netflix‘Nailed It!’ is hosted by Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres.
  • Every week, INSIDER puts together a list of great shows on Netflix you should watch.
  • This week, we recommend watching the new season of reality baking competition series “Nailed It!,” dystopian anthology show “Black Mirror,” and “The Office.”
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Netflix’s massive catalogue of movies and TV shows can be daunting. As usual, INSIDER is here to give you a short list of the three series most worth your time in the coming week. This time we’re starting with a beloved, goofy reality series.

‘Nailed It!’

Black Panther fail cake Nailed It season three NetflixNetflixContestants have to make a ‘Black Panther’ cake on the new season of ‘Nailed It!’

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 19

“Nailed It!” puts bakers’ talents with fondant, chocolate, and other decorating techniques to the test. Three contestants compete for a $US10,000 prize, but the results are often anything but beautiful. Typically the amateur bakers wind up creating monstrous versions of the intricate designs they’re challenged to recreate.

A brand new third season of “Nailed It!” just dropped on Netflix, so now is the time to catch up with the funny spin on a cooking competitions.

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‘Black Mirror’

Black mirror san juniperoNetflix‘Black Mirror’ tells a new story with each episode.

Seasons: 4

Episodes: 18

Netflix just announced a coming fifth season of this hit drama series which will premiere on June 5. The four seasons available now for streaming are some of the best dystopian content Netflix has to offer. “Black Mirror” is an anthology series, which means you can pick just the best-of-the-best if you don’t feel like watching all 18 episodes.

We recommend starting with “Be Right Back” (season two), “USS Callister” (season four), and “San Junipero” (season three) if you want to dip a toe in.

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‘The Office’

The officeNBC‘The Office’ is one of the most popular shows available on Netflix.

Seasons: 9

Episodes: 201

There’s a reason why “The Office” is one of the most popular shows Netflix subscribers stream. This NBC hit comedy ended in 2013, but lives on thanks to its endlessly entertaining cast of characters. Prepare to cringe at Michael Scott’s wildly inappropriate sense of humour, but fall in love with the goofy and endearing employees of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

For more Netflix options, read INSIDER’s list of the best movies you can stream this week.

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