5 great shows to watch on Netflix this week

‘The Movies That Made Us’ is a new documentary series about iconic films. FOX
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  • This week we recommend “The Confession Killer,” “Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show,” “The Movies That Made Us,” “Kitten Rescuers,” and “Halt and Catch Fire.”
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Netflix has more original series and classic TV shows than the average person can keep up with. To help parse through the options, Insider is here to recommend five shows that are actually worth your time this week.

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“Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show” is a perfect short-form comedy series to watch at your own pace.

‘The Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show’ premiered on Netflix on Friday, December 6. Netflix

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 6

In a similar vein to Netflix’s other 2019 sketch comedy series, “I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson,” this series is nonstop hilarity packed into neat, bingeable 20-minute episodes.

The show’s cast is a sketch comedy group of the same name, “Astronomy Club,” which was formed in 2014. In the series’ opening episodes, it’s easy to see how this incredible ensemble of performers has been working together and honing their sharp comedy skills for a while. We’re just stoked to see performances from the comfort of our own couch now.

“The Movies That Made Us” is a documentary series that goes behind-the-scenes and reveals how your favourite films came to be.

‘Home Alone’ is the subject of the second episode in ‘The Movies That Made Us.’ Fox

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 4

From the same team that created Netflix’s “The Toys That Made Us,” now a new documentary series brings audiences the entertaining stories behind cult favourite films.

Each of the four episodes explores fun facts and behind-the-scenes anecdotes about “Dirty Dancing,” “Home Alone,” “Ghostbusters,” and then “Die Hard.”

“The Confession Killer” is a new Netflix original true crime documentary.

‘The Confession Killer’ was directed by Oscar nominee Robert Kenner and Taki Oldham. Netflix

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 5

This documentary series charts the bizarre and horrifying story of Henry Lee Lucas, a man who confessed to hundreds of murders in the ’80s.

“Even with no direct evidence linking Lucas to the crime scenes, he stunned authorities with his ability to sketch victims’ portraits while citing brutal details of each attack,” Netflix’s description reads.

But, as “The Confession Killer” shows, the facts of the cases wound up uncovering inconsistencies in the stories. This story is a rabbit hole any true crime fan will easily fall into.

“Kitten Rescuers” is an informative and heartwarming reality series about cats and kittens in the UK.

A man covered in soot after trying to get a kitten out of a chimney in the UK. Netflix

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 8

Perfect for all animal lovers, “Kitten Rescuers” is a sweet reality series telling short stories about cats and kittens all around the United Kingdom. Just in the first episode, you’ll see a team of six people working together to try and save an owner’s cat after it was stuck in a chimney.

“Kitten Rescuers” is informative, sweet, and a good show to watch if you want to see the trials and triumphs of being a pet owner.

“Halt and Catch Fire” is an underrated show many are calling one of the best of the decade.

Mackenzie Davis and Lee Pace costarred on ‘Halt and Catch Fire.’ James Minchin III/AMC

Seasons: 4

Episodes: 40

Both Thrillist’s Esther Zuckerman and IndieWire’s TV critics team have listed AMC’s drama “Halt and Catch Fire” among the top shows of the last 10 years, and the entire series is now streaming on Netflix.

The fictional show spans more than a decade, through the ’80s and into the ’90s, as the computer revolution changes the world with one piece of technology at a time.

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