Here are the best songs to hook up to, according to Spotify

Spotify has released a list of the best songs to make love to. These are not the best “love songs,” mind you, but the best ones for the bedroom in particular.

To find the top tracks, Spotify’s data scientists looked through the “sex” playlists on its service to see which songs were streamed most frequently. Spotify also did this last year, and the one common denominator was that The Weeknd charted both years, which is, honestly, a tad concerning. Stay emotionally healthy everyone!

But without further ado, here are the top 10 for 2017:

  1. “Sex With Me” — Rihanna
  2. “Birthday Sex” — Jeremih
  3. “Ride” — SoMo
  4. “Earned It” (Fifty Shades Of Grey) — The Weeknd
  5. “Slow Motion” — Trey Songz
  6. “Often” — The Weeknd
  7. “Neighbours Know My Name” — Trey Songz
  8. “Pony” — Ginuwine
  9. “Sex” — Cheat Codes
  10. “All The Time” — Jeremih

And here were the top 10 for 2016:

  1. “Don’t” — Bryson Tiller
  2. “Marvins Room” — Drake
  3. “The Morning” — The Weeknd
  4. “Or Nah” (featuring the Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa and DJ Mustard) — Ty Dolla $ign
  5. “Lotus Flower Bomb” (featuring Miguel) — Wale
  6. “L$D” — A$AP Rocky
  7. “Crew Love” — Drake
  8. “Sorry” — Rick Ross
  9. “Swimming Pools” (Drank) — Kendrick Lamar
  10. “Love Yourz” — J. Cole

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