LeBron James And Kevin Durant Top List Of Best-Selling NBA Jerseys

LeBron James

Photo: ABC Sports

Remember when “The Decision” ruined the LeBron James brand? Well, if you have forgotten, you are not alone. Since winning his first NBA title and third MVP award, James has jumped back up to the top of the NBA in jersey sales. He was fourth on the list last season.Of the top 10 in jersey sales this season…

  • The Heat, Lakers, and Clippers each have two player on the list
  • Both the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference have five players on the list
  • The average player on the list is 27 years old and has 8.5 years of experience. Of course, if we remove Kobe Bryant, the averages go down to 26 years old and 7.5 years of experience.

#10 Chris Paul

#9 Dwight Howard

#8 Blake Griffin

#7 Dwyane Wade

#6 Rajon Rondo

#5 Derrick Rose

#4 Carmelo Anthony

#3 Kobe Bryant

#2 Kevin Durant

#1 LeBron James

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