Best-Seller "Eat Pray Love" To Go To Sony Pictures?

A movie version of Elizabeth Gilbert’s best-selling book Eat Pray Love had been in development at Paramount Pictures but now Nikki Finke is reporting that the Viacom studio’s likely to put the project in turnaround and Sony Pictures Entertainment will probably pick it up.

Deadline Hollywood Daily: The fact is that Paramount bought the book initially because of its relationship with [Brad] Pitt’s Plan B [production company], which felt that because Eat Pray Love had sold well in America that a movie would have built-in appeal.

Even so, I heard Paramount’s marketing department doesn’t think this is another Momma Mia or Sex And The City and turned thumbs-down on its commercial viability. And there’s thinking that 41-year-old Julia Roberts [who recently attached herself to the project] is too old to play the 31-year-old lead. Plus, the biggest hesitation was Ryan Murphy, who failed to make the transition from TV showrunner to film director with the stillborn Running With Scissors. “Had some genius filmmaker been doing it, then Lesher would take the leap of faith and hope for alchemy on an untraditional real-life narrative,” my source explains…

It was Julia Roberts who personally brought the project to [Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman] Amy Pascal. And I hear Sony still is worried that Paramount may want to keep it, especially because of this publicity. But I also hear Paramount’s mind is made up. Now we all wait to see who gets the last laugh.

We haven’t read the book but based on the synopsis Nikki provides, it does sound more like a Sony project, sort of like a globe-trotting Catch and Release.

What do you think? Could Eat, Pray, Love score on the big screen?

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