The 20 Schools With The Most Grads At Facebook -- And Over Half Are Public

Mark zuckerberg facebookREUTERS/Robert GalbraithWhile CEO Mark Zuckerberg is a Harvard dropout, his company recruits from well beyond the Ivy League.

If you want your career to affect lots of people, you might want to look at Facebook and its 829 million active users.

The social network seems like a great place to work. Employees are well-paid from the start, with entry level software engineers making $US106,000 a year. The offices feature food, arcade games, and killer art. Plus management ain’t bad; Mark Zuckerberg has been rated as America’s most-liked CEO.

Compared with its peers, Facebook has a small number of employees. While 80,000 people work for Apple and more than 47,000 work for Google, the social network has only 7,185 employees.

So how can you be one of them?

Since networks lead to jobs, it’s probably a good idea to attend a feeder school like Stanford University, the University of Texas, or the University of California, Berkeley.

That said, here are the schools with the most alums at Facebook, according to LinkedIn data:

1. Stanford University (289 alumni)

2. University of California, Berkeley (262 alumni)

3. The University of Texas at Austin(125 alumni)

4. The University of Waterloo (122 alumni)

5. Carnegie Mellon University (119 alumni)

6. University of Washington (98 alumni)

7. Tsinghua University (97 alumni)

8. University of California, Los Angeles(97 alumni)

9. San Jose State University (94 alumni)

10. University of Michigan (83 alumni)

11. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (81 alumni)

12. Harvard University (79 alumni)

13. Cornell University (77 alumni)

14. University of California, Davis (69 alumni)

15. University of California, San Diego (63 alumni)

16. University of Southern California (63 alumni)

17. Santa Clara University (58 alumni)

18. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (56 alumni)

19. University of Wisconsin, Madison (49 alumni)

20. University of California, Santa Barbara (213 alumni)

The takeaway: While having an elite, private school on your résumé doesn’t hurt, it’s not the only path to landing a job at Facebook.

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