The Best Part Of The 'True Detective' Finale Was A 15-Minute Game Of Cat And Mouse [GIFS]

Warning: Massive spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched the “True Detective” finale.

The highly-anticipated season finale to “True Detective” aired last night.

For seven episodes, we’ve followed Marty (Woody Harrelson) and Rust (Matthew McConaughey) as they re-opened a case about missing women and children they thought they solved 17 years ago.

If you were able to tune in, you definitely had your heart in your chest.

For 15 minutes we followed the two detectives as they chased and confronted the real killer, Errol Childress, in what was one of the most nauseating and heart-pounding sequences we’ve watched on live TV in a while.

We made a few GIFs of the best moments from the strenuous scenes.

Again, if you haven’t watched the finale, head back. There are a bunch of spoilers ahead.

Rust (Matthew McConaughey) spots Errol (Glenn Fleshler) and tells him not to move.

Dont move true detective

Obviously, that doesn’t go well.

Errol runs true detective

This leads to a man hunt through pretty vast pre-civil war tunnels.

True detective tunnels
Creepy tunnels true detective

… ending at a creepy altar made with skulls, a cow’s spine, oyster shells, and kid’s charms.

Altar true detective

Rust had a pretty deep, dark existential moment in the tunnels, and we wondered whether or not we were watching Fox’s “Cosmos” premiere.

Matthew mcconaughey cosmos true detective

This resulted in him getting knifed.

Matthew mccounaughey gets knifed true detective

You can rattle McConaughey, but you can’t take the man down without a fight.

Headbutt true detective
Headbutt escape true detective

Marty comes to save the day … or not.

Marty gets hammered true detective

Just as it looks pretty hopeless for both of the detectives — the only two people who know the identity of the real killer — Rust saves the day.

True detective shot

And just like that … it’s over.

The action culminated in the two ending up at the altar, leaving everyone to wonder Rust’s fate.

Marty rust true detective

What did you think of the finale? Were you satisfied with the way creator Nic Pizzolatto ended the first season?

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