The best road trip food stop in every US state, according to Yelp

Michael U./YelpPappy’s Smokehouse in St. Louis, Missouri, is famous for its ribs.
  • Road trips are already ramping up to be one of the summer’s biggest vacation trends.
  • However, fast food and bagged sandwiches might start to get old.
  • Yelp picked the best road trip food stop in every state, from mouthwatering barbecue to tasty Thai food, based on customer reviews.
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Road-tripping across the country is ideal for taking in scenic views, enjoying quality family time, and making lifelong memories.

However, between unrefrigerated sandwiches and fast food, it can seem near impossible to find quality, delicious food on the open road. Luckily, some road trip food spots have become famous for their tasty grub.

Yelp determined the best road trip eateries in every state by identifying businesses in the restaurants and food categories with a large concentration of reviews mentioning derivatives of “road trip” or “roadside.”

Yelp then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning those keywords. When available, all businesses on this list have a passing health score or a score greater than a B/80 as of June 24, 2020.

Here’s the best road trip food stop in every state, according to Yelp.

ALABAMA: Saw’s Soul Kitchen in Birmingham

Richard W./YelpSaw’s Soul Kitchen.

“My mum and I were on a road trip and decided to eat dinner here after reading the reviews. The only thing disappointing about that decision is that now we know what we are missing out on, not living in Birmingham,” wrote Yelp user Alli F.

Learn more about Saw’s Soul Kitchen here.

ALASKA: Turnagain Arm Pit in Indian

Ronald M./YelpTurnagain Arm Pit.

“After leaving the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Centre, we headed back up Seward Highway towards Anchorage. We then decided that it would be nice if we could find a little roadside eatery for dinner in such beautiful surroundings. Then Turnagain Armpit BBQ came into view. It didn’t take either of us long to realise that it was just what we had been looking for,” wrote Yelp user Ronald M.

Learn more about Turnagain Arm Pit here.

ARIZONA: Satchmo’s in Flagstaff


“This place was on the list for places that checked all of the boxes and I am not disappointed we stopped here on the road trip. Not only is the staff super friendly and helpful but the food is beyond anything I can find at home. Everything we ordered was so good including but not limited to the pulled pork sandwich, the brisket sandwich, and the shrimp po-boy. They have seating inside and outside and beer on draft. This place is like a symphony of deliciousness in your mouth. I wish I lived closer,” wrote Yelp user Christine M.

Learn more about Satchmo’s here.

ARKANSAS: The Root Cafe in Little Rock

Samantha L./YelpThe Root Cafe.

“Very cute local restaurant in Little Rock. We were driving through on a long road trip, and the restaurant came out and delivered the food to the car (due to COVID). Everyone was very nice, and the food was delicious. I got the pimento burger which came with a small side salad. The lettuce on the salad was a little warm, but the burger was really great,” wrote Yelp user Nicole W.

Learn more about The Root Cafe here.

CALIFORNIA: Yaks on the 5 in Dunsmuir

Jan T./YelpYaks on the 5.

“The garlic burger was incredible and the wings were top notch. The tater tots were a dream… this is roadside diner food at its best,” wrote Yelp user ZumaJay Z.

Learn more about Yaks on the 5 here.

COLORADO: Bin 707 Foodbar in Grand Junction

Kai L./YelpBin 707 Foodbar.

“Thanks to Yelp circa May 2015, we were directed here for some last-minute lunch munchies before flying back home to the sunshine state after a road trip where we started in Denver, followed by Yellowstone then Grand Junction as our last destination. Wanting to end the trip with a ‘foodie bang,’ selecting this restaurant was the perfect choice,” wrote Yelp user Christi S.

Learn more about Bin 707 Foodbar here.

CONNECTICUT: Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana in New Haven

Lynee G./YelpFrank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana.

” The pizzas are crispy and on the thin side, the slices aren’t cut perfectly but that’s part of the charm… The only downside is the line. Expect a small line to form before this place opens especially on the weekends and holidays. Another tip is to call in the pizza for pickup and on a nice day just eat it outside while it’s hot! Perfect for road trips up I-95,” wrote Yelp user Eunice H.

Learn more about Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana here.

DELAWARE: Marlena’s Mediterranean Deli in Middletown

Marlena’s Mediterranean Deli/YelpMarlena’s Mediterranean Deli.

“Great chicken shawarma and the staff is really friendly. This is a great, quick road trip stop as it’s conveniently located and fast,” wrote Yelp user Emerson H.

Learn more about Marlena’s Mediterranean Deli here.

FLORIDA: 925 Nuevo’s Cubano’s in Fort Lauderdale

R Y./Yelp925 Nuevo’s Cubano’s.

“If you’re thinking of coming here, do it. This is what eating Cuban food should be like. It’s a roadside eatery, stolen road signs in the parking lot, fresh food, delicious,” wrote Yelp user Tim R.

Learn more about 925 Nuevo’s Cubano’s here.

GEORGIA: Zunzi’s in Savannah

M J./YelpZunzi’s.

“These sandwiches were unbelievable. We found this joint on our road trip escaping from Hurricane Irma. It was just a pit stop on our way to ATL. We weren’t expecting how good this place would be. Next time I’m in Savannah I’ll definitely stop by again,” wrote Yelp user David L.

Learn more about Zunzi’s here.

HAWAII: Chicken In A Barrel BBQ-Kapaa in Kapaa

Safina H./YelpChicken In A Barrel BBQ-Kapaa.

“Awesome roadside BBQ! The meat just falls apart. No need for a knife,” wrote Yelp user Luis M.

Learn more about Chicken In A Barrel BBQ-Kapaa here.

IDAHO: Arugula Deli in Idaho Falls

G V./YelpArugula Deli.

“I went here with my family on a road trip stop. I ordered the Patacones with chicken. So yummy, and the food is unique and healthy,” wrote Yelp user Menka J.

Learn more about Arugula Deli.

ILLINOIS: Blue Springs Cafe in Highland

Lori G./YelpBlue Springs Cafe.

“We stopped here for lunch on a recent road trip. The lunch plate is $US7.95 (entree and sides). It was great! On the return leg of our trip, we called ahead and picked up carry-out (walleye filets, side salad, green beans, and coconut pie). The food was great and better than getting fast food,” wrote Yelp user Terri W.

Learn more about Blue Springs Cafe here.

INDIANA: Payne’s Restaurant in Gas City

Paynes Restaurant/YelpPayne’s Restaurant.

“I loved this place! It’s quirky, fun, and a treasure find on a road trip. I’m a sucker for British cuisine like bangers and mash, fish and chips, and toffee pudding,” wrote Yelp user Ericka D.

Learn more about Payne’s Restaurant here.

IOWA: Zombie Burger + Drink Lab in Des Moines

Jonathan E./YelpZombie Burger + Drink Lab.

“Their burgers are awesome, and an order of fries is huge! As we are originally from Utah, seeing they had ‘fry sauce’ was an extra bonus. Their cereal shakes are also fun. We would definitely stop here again on our yearly road trips, just for fun,” wrote Yelp user Joni C.

Learn more about Zombie Burger + Drink Lab here.

KANSAS: Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que in Kansas City

Lauren F/YelpJoe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que.

“Oh my god. Saying this was the best barbecue I’ve ever had would be an understatement. I am the luckiest eater on the planet and one of my friends brought me here during a road trip because she wanted to eat it. I was hesitant. I have never liked barbecue sauce, in fact, I avoid all sauces and condiments like the PLAGUE. But this place had me slathering my sandwich with barbecue sauce and licking my fingers when I was done. I’ve been craving it ever since and I’m saddened that I don’t live closer,” wrote Yelp user Janie S.

Learn more about Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que here.

KENTUCKY: Red State BBQ in Lexington

Heather P./YelpRed State BBQ.

“A classic roadside BBQ restaurant, all the classic stuff including double-smoked brisket and several different sauces that cover the basics from South Carolina mustard to Texas spicy. And the green beans are amazing! Overall a good place to stop while travelling along 75, being a little over a mile from the highway,” wrote Yelp user Gunnar D.

Learn more about Red State BBQ here.

LOUISIANA: Pamela’s Bayou In A Bowl in Alexandria

Tina R./YelpPamela’s Bayou In A Bowl.

“Holy moly! How did we get lucky enough to stumble into this place?! The food here is so good, we started planning future road trips through Louisiana. The food was all delicious, flavorful, and completely satisfying! I got the beans and sausage, greens, and mac and cheese. Once we started eating, we realised we must be at somebody’s granny’s house,” wrote Yelp user Mary Beth C.

Learn more about Pamela’s Bayou In A Bowl here.

MAINE: Red’s Eats in Wiscasset

EH C./YelpRed’s Eats.

“The absolute best lobster roll we have ever tried! We stopped here while doing a road trip through Maine and someone had recommended this place along the way. We didn’t think it looked that special or any different from the other 1,000 places that advertise their lobster rolls, but boy were we mistaken,” wrote Yelp user Jessica K.

Learn more about Red’s Eats here.

MARYLAND: Chaps Pit Beef in Baltimore

Eric L./YelpChaps Pit Beef.

“This is one of those roadside eateries you pass by, never giving it a second thought. ‘Nah, just locals and working-class eat at such a dive.’ Being situated in front of a strip club doesn’t exactly add to the ambiance. But trust me, and the TV shows it’s been featured on… Chaps is where it’s at! The food is beyond compare,” wrote Yelp user Brook H.

Learn more about Chaps Pit Beef here.

MASSACHUSETTS: B.T.’s Smokehouse in Sturbridge

Hardy L./YelpB.T.’s Smokehouse.

“We just stopped here on our road trip and had to write a review right away. The brisket burrito was smoky and delicious. The buffaloed fried chicken sandwich was delicately breaded, juicy, and moist. Pick-up was very organised and timely,” wrote Yelp user Tess L.

Learn more about B.T.’s Smokehouse here.

MICHIGAN: The Mason Jar Cafe in Benton Harbour

Greg B./YelpThe Mason Jar Cafe.

“Hard to believe such a place exists in small-town Michigan after struggling to find healthy, fresh, and quality food choices on a road trip through rural Michigan. Friendly service, great coffee, diverse menu, fresh, healthy, and vegetarian friendly. Thumbs up, five stars, highly recommended,” wrote Yelp user Camille M.

Learn more about The Mason Jar Cafe here.

MINNESOTA: The Taco King in Albert Lea

Michael D./YelpThe Taco King.

“We stopped while road tripping to Wisconsin Dells and we’re greatly surprised! Expecting fast-food type Mexican due to the location and were so happy to discover otherwise! The burritos were hot fresh and delicious, the al pastor was excellent and the service great! Will definitely be stopping again,” wrote Yelp user Carrie F.

Learn more about The Taco King here.

MISSISSIPPI: The Pig & Pint in Jackson

Stephen M./.YelpThe Pig & Pint.

“We were so happy to stumble upon this place on our road trip to NOLA thanks to my trusty Yelp! We stopped here on a Thursday for lunch with our toddler. The girl at the register welcomed us on our first time and told us what their most popular dishes were… Our food came fairly quickly and the portions were huge! I didn’t expect ‘chicken fries’ to be a glorious sloppy mess of BBQ chicken, beans, sauce, sour cream, and jalapeños. It was AMAZING! It was the best road trip stop we made all day! Definitely going to stop here on our way to NOLA every year,” wrote Yelp user Haley S.

Learn more about The Pig & Pint here.

MISSOURI: Pappy’s Smokehouse in Saint Louis

John K./YelpPappy’s Smokehouse.

“The best BBQ I’ve had. Our road trips following the Florida Gators have taken us all over the south and beyond. Had the ‘que in Memphis, Birmingham, Lexington, Nashville, Knoxville, Atlanta and beyond. Pappys is the best,” wrote Yelp user Craig J.

Learn more about Pappy’s Smokehouse here.

MONTANA: Hummingbird Cafe in Butte

Stephanie Y./YelpHummingbird Cafe.

“Super delicious great little spot to stop. I was on a road trip and needed to grab a bite and let my baby out of the car seat. We sat on the patio and had a lovely coffee and lunch. Will definitely stop in again next time I drive through Butte,” wrote Yelp user Sara H.

Learn more about Hummingbird Cafe here.

NEBRASKA: Open Range Grill in Ogallala

Lisa R./YelpOpen Range Grill.

“We stopped at the Open Range Grill on our drive from Denver, CO to Wisconsin, and were so happy that we did! This is a great, family-friendly spot with delicious, fresh food,” wrote Yelp user Clare C.

Learn more about Open Range Grill here.

NEVADA: Odeh’s Mediterranean Restaurant in Elko

L T./YelpOdeh’s Mediterranean Restaurant.

“My friends and I were on a road trip to Wisconsin so we randomly stumbled upon this cute little place. It was by far some of the best Mediterranean food I have ever had. Come and try it out, you won’t be disappointed,” wrote Yelp user Emilee K.

Learn more about Odeh’s Mediterranean Restaurant here.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Lexie’s Joint in Portsmouth

Amy Y./YelpLexie’s Joint.

“Fun little place we came across on our big road trip. They offer a decent selection of burgers, fries, and a few other things. I felt they did a nice job and enjoyed our lunch here,” wrote Yelp user Mark G.

Learn more about Lexie’s Joint here.

NEW JERSEY: Steve’s Burgers in Garfield

Bobby S./YelpSteve’s Burgers.

“Where do I begin? First, just know it’s basically a roadside stand, in the fact that there are very few tables inside and a few outside. Don’t let that deter you! The burger is amazingly juicy, fries with cheese and gravy are on point, they serve C&C Black Cherry soda, and the fried Oreos are to die for! The owner is super nice and always makes conversation with us! We love it here,” wrote Yelp user Stephanie Darrell S.

Learn more about Steve’s Burgers here.

NEW MEXICO: Big D’s Downtown Dive in Roswell

Julie R./YelpBig D’s Downtown Dive.

“There’s nothing better than road-tripping across the country and finding a gem in the middle of nowhere! Roswell, NM itself is a unique town that you should explore if in the area. Big D’s is a MUST for lunch,” wrote Yelp user Toni D.

Learn more about Big D’s Downtown Dive here.

NEW YORK: The Cheese Traveller in Albany

Daniel B./YelpThe Cheese Traveller.

“The best grilled cheese (the classic) with fabulous tomato soup. Gourmet everything and a great trip of women running the place. Pretty close to the Thruway. Definitely worth the trip,” wrote Yelp user Jim D.

Learn more about The Cheese Traveller here.

NORTH CAROLINA: The Prime Smokehouse in Rocky Mount

Patty R./YelpThe Prime Smokehouse.

“Stopped toward the end of a long road trip. Absolutely fabulous smokehouse. Had the brisket, ribs, and chicken, came with a side of cornbread. Everything we had was fabulous and full of flavour,” wrote Yelp user Kevin S.

Learn more about The Prime Smokehouse here.

NORTH DAKOTA: Fireflour Pizza + Coffee Bar in Bismarck

Rhondel W./YelpFireflour Pizza + Coffee Bar.

“Stopped for a road trip lunch on our way through North Dakota. Staff was awesome, restaurant/bathroom was clean. The pizzaiola was skilled at her craft. Pizzas were thin, perfectly browned, with a beautiful crust. Topping to pizza ratio was perfection,” wrote Yelp user Kiki C.

Learn more about Fireflour Pizza + Coffee Bar here.

OHIO: Lucky’s Cafe in Cleveland

Lindsay T S./YelpLucky’s Cafe.

“I visited Lucky’s while on a road trip to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with my dad and my brother. I scoped out the place because I saw it on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and it looked like my cup of tea… I love how local the food is, and the quality shows! I had the Canoewreck. Curried tofu, hashbrowns, lots of veggies, toast, and fruit. It was so delicious! The dudes were happy with what they ordered as well. I’m sad I don’t live near Cleveland because I’d eat here every day,” wrote Yelp user Amanda A.

Learn more about Lucky’s Cafe here.

OKLAHOMA: Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies in Davis

Alan B./YelpArbuckle Mountain Fried Pies.

“So fun to run across this awesome place on a recent road trip from KC to Dallas. We couldn’t resist a sign advertising ‘fried pies,’ so we pulled over to get gas and then thought we’d ask at the gas station what the fried pies thing is all about. Turns out, the gas station is pay inside only, and you pay at the fried pies counter… The pies were indeed wonderful. The crust is the best part- so flaky and buttery. These pies are handheld and similar to those Hostess ones we all begged our mums for when we were kids, but a million times better,” wrote Yelp user Karen P.

Learn more about Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies here.

OREGON: Screen Door in Portland

Andy T./YelpScreen Door.

“One of my favourite meals of a 3-week road trip, the chicken and waffles were excellent. We went shortly before they closed and were seated at the bar right away,” wrote Yelp user Marla M.

Learn more about Screen Door here.

PENNSYLVANIA: Picasso’s Erie in Erie

Diane H./YelpPicasso’s Erie.

“My entire family loved it here. I ordered the Mona Lisa (turkey, artichokes, spinach, pesto, amazingness). I also ordered mac n cheese as my side. Holy good. Definitely not your average mac and cheese. They have a kid’s menu. We ordered the grilled cheese and pickle for my daughter. Best pickle ever lives up to its name,” wrote Yelp user Julia E.

Learn more about Picasso’s Erie here.

RHODE ISLAND: Anthony’s Seafood in Middletown

Nancy H./YelpAnthony’s Seafood.

“Started off my New England road trip the right way with my belly full with yummy seafood! The Portuguese fish chowder was delicious with just a hint of spicy and the lobster roll was the best I’ve had,” wrote Yelp user Heain L.

Learn more about Anthony’s Seafood here.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Gwen & Franny’s Fried Chicken in Hardeeville

Eileen S./YelpGwen & Franny’s Fried Chicken.

“Found this roadside jewel while road tripping to Florida. The food is wonderful! We look for this place every time we travel through,” wrote Yelp user Mason K.

Learn more about Gwen & Franny’s Fried Chicken here.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Murdo Drive-In in Murdo

Terry K./YelpMurdo Drive-In.

“We stopped on a very long road trip with 3 kids. It was delicious! We ordered cheeseburgers, cheese balls, jalapeño poppers, a corn dog, and fries. Everything tasted great, even the buns! Food was great, service was friendly, and the lobby was clean,” wrote Yelp user Sheli D.

Learn more about Murdo Drive-In here.

TENNESSEE: Arnold’s Country Kitchen in Nashville

Johnny M./YelpArnold’s Country Kitchen.

“I was in town from Florida on a two-week road trip… I wanted to eat at a local place and this was it. Arnold’s is southern cooking at its best. Fresh and made with love. Yes, it may be cafeteria-style but well worth every moment. The staff made you feel welcome and at home. This little spot is always busy and constantly had a line but well worth the stopping. We surely will be back,” wrote Yelp user Mary Ann R.

Learn more about Arnold’s Country Kitchen here.

TEXAS: Tyler’s Barbecue in Amarillo

Cult L./YelpTyler’s Barbecue.

“My husband and I stopped in here on a whim on our cross country road trip to California. We were tired and hungry, and as soon as we walked in we were immediately salivating at the mouth. This place smells seriously amazing, so we had high expectations for the food. We were absolutely not disappointed… Upon recommendation from the owner, I got the brisket sandwich with a side of the jalapeño cream corn. I could honestly eat a bucket of that stuff, it’s that good. My husband got the pulled pork sandwich with the potato salad and it was gone before I could blink, so needless to say his was great too! The food, service, and hospitality are all top-notch,” wrote Yelp user Kaelee J.

Learn more about Tyler’s Barbecue here.

UTAH: Centro Woodfired Pizzeria in Cedar City

Sheri R./YelpCentro Woodfired Pizzeria.

“We were driving through town on a road trip and sick of diner and fast food. We found this place on yelp and I thought, If it’s half as good as the reviews I will be shocked. Started with the meatballs and garlic bread, followed with the Brooklyn Pepperoni pizza, and finished with the Nutella baked pizza with whip cream! The food quality was excellent inline with what you would expect at a high quality metropolitan Italian restaurant,” wrote Yelp user Judi M.

Learn more about Centro Woodfired Pizzeria here.

VERMONT: Top of The Hill Grill in Brattleboro

Jeremy F./YelpTop of The Hill Grill.

“We stopped at this roadside BBQ stand for a great lunch on a road trip. I had the delicious pulled pork sandwich, and my husband had the fish burrito. The salad was perfect – fresh from the Farmer’s Market mesclun. I didn’t enjoy the noisy road behind me, but the great food and novel atmosphere more than made up for it,” wrote Yelp user Kari T.

Learn more about Top of The Hill Grill here.

VIRGINIA: Angelle’s Diner in Troutville

Mr. Bill S./YelpAngelle’s Diner.

“This diner was delightful. Such a pleasant surprise for me, my husband, and our kids age 8 and 10 while travelling from DC. I am not usually a diner fan but Angelle’s is not your average diner. It was nice and clean and lives up to its many good reviews,” wrote Yelp user Amy B.

Learn more about Angelle’s Diner here.

WASHINGTON: Piroshky Piroshky in Seattle

Huy T./YelpPiroshky Piroshky.

“The line is worth it. Let me repeat that: the line is worth it. The pastries are extremely fresh and filling. Like most of the others here, I highly recommend the salmon pate, and the meat and cheese. I ordered about 10 pastries, but these two were my favourite. Since we were on a road trip, we even saved some pastries for the next day, and they were still delicious cold,” wrote Yelp user Vinnie W.

Learn more about Piroshky Piroshky here.

WEST VIRGINIA: Hillbilly Hot Dogs in Lesage

Beth B./YelpHillbilly Hot Dogs.

“Best hotdogs I have ever had! Great road trip stop! The prices are great,” wrote Yelp user Scott H.

Learn more about Hillbilly Hot Dogs here.

WISCONSIN: The Old Fashioned in Madison

Haley M./YelpThe Old Fashioned.

“Without question the best cheese curds in Wisconsin! I went here at the tail end of a road trip through Wisconsin and loved the food, vibe, and service. Definitely a must if you’re in the area. Good prices, and the burgers are great too! The place was packed but there was a reason for that,” wrote Yelp user Tom O.

Learn more about The Old Fashioned here.

WYOMING: Anong’s Thai Cuisine in Rawlins

Ophelia M./YelpAnong’s Thai Cuisine.

“Some friends and I were road-tripping through Wyoming to Colorado and needed a place to stop for dinner. This place was one of the top-rated places and we all like Thai food so we thought ‘what the heck.’ We all wish we had this place back in Provo cause we would definitely stop again. The service was quick and helpful but also very personable. It was a great experience, and we didn’t have to wait long for our food either! 10 out of 10 would recommend,” wrote Yelp user Logan B.

Learn more about Anong’s Thai Cuisine here.

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