Here are the best retailers to work for in 2019, according to employees

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  • Retail work can be rough – but some retailers have proven to be positive and dynamic workplaces.
  • Glassdoor just ranked the best places to work in 2019.
  • Among retailers, apparel company Lululemon took the top spot in 2019.

Retail work isn’t always easy – but some companies provide a better environment for employees than others.

Glassdoor just ranked the best places to work in 2019. Eight retail companies made the job site’s list this year, accruing average scores on Glassdoor well above the site average of 3.4

Glassdoor also provided Business Insider with seven additional companies that just missed out on the top 100 rankings. A Glassdoor spokesperson confirmed that none of the scores indicate ties, as the ratings go beyond the thousandth decimal place.

Here are the top retailers to work for in 2019:

15. LUSH North America

Glassdoor score: 4.1

“The culture of Lush is really great,” a Glassdoor reviewer wrote on June 1, 2018. “They’re extremely accepting of all kinds of people, they give a lot to charity, and seem to truly believe in the products.”

14. Ralph Lauren

Glassdoor score: 4.1

“I feel incredibly fortunate to work for a company that has uncompromising brand and customer service standards and strong balance sheet,” a Glassdoor reviewer wrote on June 27, 2018.

13. Publix

Glassdoor score: 4.1

“A great company to work for,” one Glassdoor reviewer wrote on November 12, 2018. “Great for a first job to anyone looking for a job. Flexible hours to meet family needs.”

12. Wawa

Áine Cain/Business Insider

Glassdoor score: 4.1

“I love my job so much,” one Glassdoor reviewer wrote on October 13, 2018. “I care about the people I work with and all my managers are wonderful.”

11. Best Buy

Glassdoor score: 4.2

“You build great friendships in a fast paced fun environment,” a Glassdoor reviewer wrote on November 27, 2018. “If your managers are good, you will enjoy your job a lot more”

10. Nike

Glassdoor score: 4.2

“The team of people you work with and interact with are always fun and out going,” a Glassdoor reviewer wrote on November 22, 2018. “The culture makes your experience when working at Nike.”

9. REI

Glassdoor score: 4.2

“If you love the outdoors you can learn a lot from your coworkers if you want to try something new,” a Glassdoor reviewer wrote on November 7, 2018. “Most customer are easy to work with because they’re there to buy things to have fun.”

8. Discount Tire

Glassdoor score: 4.2

“This company truly cares about it employees and customers,” a Glassdoor reviewer wrote on November 1, 2018.

7. Costco Wholesale

Glassdoor score: 4.2

“The best part about working at Costco is the friendly work environment and the endless career opportunities,” a Costco employee told Business Insider.

6. ABC Supply Co.

Glassdoor score: 4.3

The company aims to be an employee-first company in everything they do,” a Glassdoor reviewer wrote on October 24, 2018. “The company has a very strong family atmosphere and team spirit in everything we do.”

5. Wegmans Food Markets

Glassdoor score: 4.3

“The customers and employees are so awesome, patient, funny, and understanding,” a Wegmans employee told Business Insider.

4. Nebraska Furniture Mart

Glassdoor score: 4.3

“This company has provided a career for me that has changed my life for the positive,” a Glassdoor reviewer wrote on September 17. 2018. “NFM has improved my lifestyle, and for that I am grateful.”

3. H-E-B

Glassdoor score: 4.4

“They treat you like family,” one Glassdoor reviewer wrote on November 29, 2018. There are many opportunities for advancement.”

2. Trader Joe’s

Kristi Blokhin/Shutterstock

Glassdoor score: 4.4

“As long as I make sure the customer is having a great time, and I’m emphasising Trader Joe’s values, I can talk to people about whatever I want,” one Trader Joe’s crew member told Business Insider. “No manager has ever told me to stop talking about what I like on register – they all love that I’m engaged. I’ve discussed politics, religion, movies, philosophy, parenting, and so many other things, all while bagging people’s groceries. It’s the best.”

1. Lululemon

Glassdoor score: 4.4

“The environment and energy is wonderful, the culture is fantastic, and you get awesome perks like credits to fitness studios and clothing discounts,” a Glassdoor reviewer wrote on November 14, 2018.

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