Ryanair's Wild CEO Spent An Hour Taking Questions On Twitter -- Here Are His Best Answers

Michael o'leary ryanair leprechaunTwitter/@RyanairRyanair CEO fielded questions on Twitter.

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary is a rather unusual CEO, especially for the usually staid airline business.

He’s known for dressing up as a French chambermaid, cursing at journalists, and doing anything and everything to squeeze more and more money out of his customers — except raise fares.

O’Leary recently announced that Ryanair wants to improve its service, to win over more customers.

In an effort to open himself up, he took to Twitter on Monday to field questions, using the hashtag #AskMOL.

He was by turns funny, rude, and surprisingly forthcoming about his airline’s plans for the future. Here are his best answers from the chat.

Things got off to a rough start, as O’Leary didn’t really get the hashtag concept:

He acknowledged his recent pledge to “eliminate things that unnecessarily piss people off,” but denied that Ryanair’s performance is lagging:

He didn’t apologise for the fee on customers who don’t print out their own boarding pass:

And denied that Ryanair’s on-time record is faked:

No dice for those who want to see men in the Ryanair Cabin Crew Charity Calendar, which features ladies in swimsuits.

O’Leary isn’t worried about being insulted by potential customers:

He likes the idea of banning kids from flights, but don’t expect to see it happen on Ryanair:

He won’t consider charging fat passengers extra:

When it comes to expanding London’s Heathrow Airport, O’Leary doesn’t buy into the “Boris Island” plan to build a new terminal on the Thames Estuary.

He was not up for answering questions about aerodynamics and fuel efficiency:

But he did address plans for improving Ryanair’s boarding process:

He’s no fan of other airlines, not surprisingly:

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