Facebook's VP of HR explains the question that impresses him in a job interview

Facebook HR VP Tudor HavriliucObservator TV/YoutubeFacebook HR VP Tudor Havriliuc (pictured) has a specific question he wants you to ask.

Job interviews aren’t just about being able to answer tricky questions.

You’d better be ready to pose some yourself.

Facebook’s VP of HR Tudor Havriliuc recently participated in Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work Roadshow, an ongoing series which focuses on work culture and features some of the best-ranked companies on Glassdoor.

He said that he’s always impressed when candidates ask one particular question.

I want them to ask me what I would think that success looks like in their job and how they can make the biggest possible impact,” he told Business Insider.

This question demonstrates that you’re serious about the role. Havriliuc said that it also matches up with Facebook’s impact-driven environment. So not only will you get more details about the role, you’ll also indicate that you’re a good culture fit, too.

“We are a company where there is tremendous opportunity for impact, because of our scale, because of what we’re trying to achieve in the world,” he said. “I love to see someone who is eager to do that and curious about how they can overachieve in their role.”

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