The 10 Best Private High Schools In New York City

The Horace Mann School is the best private high school in New York City, according to a new ranking from education review website Niche.

Niche rankings are based on a combination of user reviews and education statistics sourced from the government and public databases.

According to Niche, a school’s high score indicates that “Students are very happy with their experiences in all aspects including academics, teachers, health, safety, resources, facilities, extracurriculars, sports, and fitness.”

Although Horace Mann is well known as an academic powerhouse, it has been more in the news recently for a sexual abuse scandal that reportedly took place at the school for decades.

However, current students seem to love the school. As one recent Horace Mann alumnus wrote on Niche, “I’ve been in lecture-like classes (AP bio) and seminar-based classes. The teachers here expect the most from you and encourage you to deliver. They care enough about your personal well-being to pull you aside if something is off with you. Participating in class was never a problem because they wanted you to.”

Here are the 10 best private high schools in New York City, via Niche:

  1. Horace Mann School
  2. Trinity School
  3. Dalton School
  4. Packer Collegiate School
  5. Collegiate School
  6. Friends Seminary
  7. Poly Prep Country Day School
  8. Regis High School
  9. Ethical Culture Fieldston School
  10. Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School

[Note: Niche’s private school ranking included Hunter College High School, which is a selective public school.]

See the full national private school ranking at Niche >>

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