Use These 6 Free Apps To Save Money When You're Out Shopping

Extreme Shopping

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How can you be sure that you’re getting the best possible price on an item?Harness the power of the internet with a price comparison app!

Each one operates in a slightly different way to warn you if you’re about to pay too much for an item, whether it’s a new dishwasher or a can of cat food.

Here’s our roundup.

Amazon Barcode Scanner

Amazon sells nearly anything you could imagine. Use this app to scan barcodes in a store to see if you can get the item at a better price on Amazon

Price: free


Operating just like the Amazon Barcode Scanner, RedLaser lets you scan a barcode to find the best price online. Instead of only checking Amazon, however, RedLaser searches loads of other major retailers.

Price: free

Decide Shopping & Price Predictor

Sometimes prices on given items will change throughout the year. That's where this app steps in -- tell it what you're considering to purchase and it will tell you to buy now or to wait for an upcoming price drop.

Price: free

Google Shopper

Use this app to search for an item by cover art, barcode, voice, or text search, then watch it return the lowest price after searching hundreds of internet stores. There's even easy access to reviews to make sure you're getting the best possible product.

Price: free


Sure, it's easy to find the lowest price for something on the internet, but what about when you need an item right away? Goodzer is a shopping app with a local focus -- tell it what you need and it tells you which stores nearby have it.

Price: free


Take a picture of the front of a book, CD, movie, or video game, and SnapTell will search the web for the best price. Use it to keep track of items to buy later, or buy them right away inside of the app.

Price: free

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