15 of the most incredible places in the world to camp

Arches national parkShutterstock/holboxUtah’s Arches National Park has some awe-inspiring terrain.

One of the many beauties of camping is escaping crowds and exploring stunning natural sites in peace.

We’ve put together a collection of destinations that offer everything from beautiful foliage to clear skies you can enjoy year-round.

From the dramatic landscape of Utah’s Arches National Park to star-filled skies in Africa’s Sahara Desert, here are 15 unique destinations for camping.

Milford Sound is a fjord located on the west coast of New Zealand's South Island. Described by Rudyard Kipling as the 'eighth wonder of the world,' the fjord is home to breathtaking mountain peaks and cascading waterfalls. Campervan spots can be arranged through the Milford Sound Lodge.

At Arches National Park in southeast Utah, visitors will discover an otherworldly landscape of contrasting colours, 2,000 natural stone arches, hundreds of soaring pinnacles, and massive fins. Going in the fall allows you to miss the craziness of the park's busiest season, which goes from May to October. The Devils Garden Campground is open year-round for campers.

For a more quirky camping trip, try out one of the hanging tree tents from adventure company Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht. The tents are hung high in the forest of Pfronten, Germany.

Facebook/Waldseilgarten Höllschlucht Pfronten

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Cordillera Hyayhuash lies in the Andes mountains of Peru. Snow-capped peaks soar over 21,000 feet into the sky.

See an array of colours unfold and reflect off of pristine lakes in the Adirondack Lakes region of New York. While there are private campgrounds that stay open later in the year, you're also welcome to bring your own tent.

The 6,400-acre site of the Calaveras Big Trees State Park, located in California, stays open until late November. Cross-country skiing through the park's famed giant trees makes for an unforgettable experience.

Montana's Glacier National Park is home to pristine forests, alpine meadows, rugged mountains, and spectacular lakes. There are more than 700 miles of trails for hikers to enjoy, and you'll find old historic chalets and lodges scattered about. Campgrounds are available, but remember to bring your own water and supplies.

Africa's Sahara Desert offers continuous miles of terrain, but the real appeal is the clear views of the skies and stars that appear at night. Since the desert can get extremely hot in the summer, fall is the ideal time to visit.

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