The best place to travel every month of the year

Milan ItalyMichael ChiaravallotiIt’s best to visit Milan, Italy, in October.

Visiting a destination during peak travel season can mean massive crowds and overpriced hotels, which is why it’s often best to travel during the off season.

We teamed up with Kayak to find the best international destination to visit each month of the year.

Kayak calculated the median monthly airfare and median hotel rates for four-star properties in multiple destinations around the world. Activities and weather were also taken into consideration.

Here is the best place to visit every month of the year.

JANUARY: Cancun, Mexico

Median Airfare: $US456
Median Hotel Rate: $US213

Cancun is blissfully free of spring breakers this time of year, which, outside of hurricane season, boasts some of Cancun's lowest airfare rates. Escape the cold, but hang tight until after New Year's Eve for the lowest rates.

MARCH: Montreal, Canada

Median Airfare: $US465
Median Hotel Rate: $US176

Montreal has a cosmopolitan and European feel, but without the hefty price tag. Though it's still cold in March, hotel rates and airfare are so low that this is an ideal time to visit.



Median Airfare: $US1,308
Median Hotel Rate: $US66

Your fantasy trip to Fiji is within reach this month, as April features the country's lowest airfares. Sure, it's right on the border of wet season (OK, typhoon season), but if you're willing to risk it, this is the most budget-friendly time to go.

JULY: Saint Lucia


Median Airfare: $US663
Median Hotel Rate: $US113

Right after peak season and right before hurricane season (but make sure to check any weather advisories before you go), Saint Lucia in July is the epitome of shoulder season. July is also a beautifully festive month, featuring its carnival, with people dancing on streets and live music everywhere.

AUGUST: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Donatas Dabravolskas / Shutterstock

Median Airfare: $US1,123
Median Hotel Rate: $US212

August in Rio is technically winter, which means fewer people and cheaper accommodation. Don't be fooled though: The city still gets hot, with average temperatures of 75 degrees F and the least amount of rain all year. It's also the best time of year for surfers, as waves are near-perfect. And next year, you could even catch the 2016 Summer Olympics.

OCTOBER: Milan, Italy

Median Airfare: $US809
Median Hotel Rate: $US162

Milan is a tourist hotspot, but you can avoid both the crowds and the sweltering summer heat this month. Soak in Italian history and art and do some shopping in this fashion Mecca.

NOVEMBER: Bangkok, Thailand


Median Airfare: $US1,177
Median Hotel Rate: $US71

November in Bangkok boasts pretty much the best weather of the year, with less rain and humidity, more hours of sunshine, and an average temperature in the low 80s F. One of the city's most famous festivals, Loi Krathong, a festival in which decorated baskets and boats filled with candles, flowers and incense are floated down rivers, is also in November.

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