Here Are The Phrases That Generate Most Money For Kickstarter Projects

Georgia Tech Kickstarter StudyPhys.orgThese are the most popular phrases that could increase your chances for success.

Studying more than 45,000 projects, researchers at Georgia Tech found the best phrases people should use to help them get money for a Kickstarter project.

Assistant professor Eric Gilbert and doctoral candidate Tanushree Mitra discovered that positive and negative language in the “pitch letter” section of each Kickstarter project greatly affects the fundraising success of the project

Pebble’s kickstarter campaign was used as the gauge for success projects while.

A phrase like “given the chance” generated greater interest from donors, as it implies you have a revolutionary product.

Negative connotations such as “hope to get” scare off contributors since it emphasises you are desperate for cash.

Ultimately, the research showed that language played a role in the success of 58.56% of projects that reached their goals. If you’re interested in learning more about the study, you can read the full report here.

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