It's Gorgeous Out! Get Up From Your Desk And Explore The Secret Gardens Of Midtown Manhattan

secret garden manhattan

Photo: Gabrien Symons/Business Insider

It’s finally nice enough to spend lunch hour outdoors, and while midtown Manhattan may not seem like the ideal place to catch some daytime rays, there are plenty of places to go if you know where to look.We’ve discovered 10 hidden getaways among the brick and steel buildings of midtown.

#1 46TH STREET & 2ND AVENUE: This quiet little park features a picturesque fountain with freestanding chairs that you can scoot up to the edge.

#2 47TH STREET AND 2ND AVENUE: The largest waterfall in the series, featuring wrought iron seating and a flower garden.

A closeup of the flowers with the waterfall in the background.

#3 47TH STREET BETWEEN 1ST AND 2ND AVENUES: A secluded prayer garden awaits just down these steps.

Downstairs you'll find a stone bridge, pond, and benches under overarching tree branches.

#4 47TH STREET BETWEEN 1ST AND 2ND AVENUES: Across the street, fountains, gardens and benches decorate the park.

#5 48TH STREET AND 1ST AVENUE: The most elaborate waterfall garden in the series. It features secluded benches, towering trees, lush plants and lots of water features.

The step-stair waterfall is amazing to gaze at.

Around the corner you'll find a bubbly fountain and another rushing waterfall. Beautiful trees overhang the flowing stream.

Overflowing gardens adorn these waterfalls.

#6 51ST STREET AND 3RD AVENUE: Greenacre Park is by far the loudest waterfall in the series. Prepare to get splashed if you sit near the base of the falls.

A coffee stand near the entrance offers tasty pastries. The terraced porch provides ample shade from the sun. A terrific spot to spend a relaxing afternoon.

#7 43RD STREET AND 2ND AVENUE: The Ford Foundation building features a historic tree-filled indoor garden. The path ends at a babbling stream and wishing pond. Open 8am-4pm, M-F.

#8 42ND STREET BETWEEN 1ST AND 2ND AVENUES: Tudor City surrounds two spectacular gardens. Lush, quiet, and meticulously maintained these gardens provide a relaxing escape.

This fountain now overflows with green ivy.

The gardens offer a plenty of comfortable benches. Gravel paths wind through trees and flower beds.

#9 42ND STREET BETWEEN 1ST AND 2ND AVENUE: Downstairs from the Tudor gardens you'll find a tiny garden at Church of the Covenant. The staircase elegantly frames plants, flowers and birdbath.

#10 40TH STREET AND 3RD AVENUE: Atop this building you'll find a sunny escape in the middle of the city.

But first you'll have to climb these stairs.

At the top you'll find a rooftop garden. A perfect spot for lunch. Just kidding about the stairs, there's an elevator at the rear.

They offer an afternoon soda stand during the warm months.

But that's not all. Behind the rooftop garden, you'll find another park at ground level.

BONUS! 48TH STREET BETWEEN 6TH AND 7TH AVENUES: This midtown waterfall features a glass tunnel you can walk through.

A closeup of the glass tunnel. The waterfall sound like gentle rainfall.

The park offers limited seating, but plenty of space to walk around and snap photos.

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