22 of the most iconic outfits from ‘Clueless’

Cher had plenty of admirable outfits in ‘Clueless.’ Paramount Pictures

Clueless” premiered 25 years ago, but the cult-classic hasn’t gone out of style.

Above all, the beloved 1990s rom-com might be the best known for its trendy fashion – Cher and Dionne’s matching plaid school ensembles have even become a go-to Halloween costume.

Here are 22 of the most iconic outfits in “Clueless.”

Dionne and Cher’s matching plaid sets have stood the test of time.

They are the most iconic outfits. Paramount Pictures

There is perhaps no costume from this film talked about or replicated as widely as these two outfits.

This yellow colour has in many ways become synonymous with Cher’s character, and the tailored look of both of these outfits is what has made them stand the test of time.

Amber’s black-feather ensemble is unforgettable.

Amber wears several daring looks throughout the movie. Paramount Pictures

Amber is a character with a lot of sass, and that’s always represented in her outfits.

Why she felt like wearing an outfit covered in feathers to her 9 a.m. homeroom? Unclear. But she’s owning the look.

Cher’s Calvin Klein dance dress is simple and chic.

It could definitely still be worn today. Paramount Pictures

This super simple dress is a more daring silhouette than Cher usually goes for, but she is trying to impress a guy.

Plus we got this brilliant, often-quoted conversation between Cher and her dad because of it:

“Cher, get in here! What the hell is that?”

“A dress.”

“Says who?”

“Calvin Klein!”

Amber’s dance outfit is something only she could pull off.

Amber’s pink tutu completes the look. Paramount Pictures

Once again, Amber wore something that only she could rock.

The square-neck camisole top is a 1990s staple, but the ultra-short, frilly skirt, feather choker, and tiny tiara are really what make this an Amber original.

Amber’s pigtails and striped turtleneck were quite the look.

Amber went for gravity-defying pigtails. Paramount Pictures

Amber’s hair accessories and styles throughout the film are truly iconic.

Her gravity-defying pigtails paired with an outfit full of bold patterns definitely made her stand out.

Cher’s chiffon top and cropped sweater-vest show she knows how to layer.

Cher searched through all her clothes to find the perfect outfit for her driver’s test. Paramount Pictures

Cher tore apart her closet looking for her “most responsible ensemble” to take her driver’s test in, and she settled on this look.

She proved she is the master at layering. The way she mixes patterns and fabrics here is truly impressive, and the diamond-patterned skirt underneath adds flair.

Amber’s red sailor hat with a dollar sign was adventurous.

Amber is known for her bold fashion choices. Paramount Pictures

Amber’s look makes a bold statement, and yet, it works. Red is definitely her colour.

Cher’s memorable Alaïa dress made for an equally iconic scene

Cher is definitely dedicated to her clothes. Paramount Pictures

This dress is so amazing that Cher refused to get down on the ground in it when a man was robbing her at gunpoint.

Cher, Dionne, and Tai’s school outfits are classically 1990s.

The three girls have very different styles. Paramount Pictures

These outfits are all great in their own way.

Cher’s shows how she can rock a simple dress with a few special details. Dionne’s is a perfect mix of her flirty and sporty styles. And Tai’s grungy, oversized style is something that defines her character early on in the film.

Cher and Christian’s mall outfits are super stylish.

Cher wears a lot of fun colours throughout the film. Paramount Pictures

Once Cher realises that Christian isn’t interested in her romantically, they still remain close and even go shopping together.

Cher’s simple A-line dress and Christian’s black and pink bomber jacket with matching trousers are both easy-yet-stylish looks.

Cher’s loungewear is over-the-top in the best way.

The black and white ensemble is very modern. Paramount Pictures

Cher’s sheer, black top over a white tank top is one of her darker looks in the film. The frilly sleeves, cross necklace, and dark makeup complete the look.

Tai’s heart sweater could easily be worn today.

It’s one of Tai’s girlier looks in the film. Paramount Pictures

It seems like almost every 1990s girl loves a sweater and miniskirt combination, and this outfit is a timeless one.

Dionne’s red hat and orange top are definitely memorable.

Dionne’s hat is truly a work of art. Paramount Pictures

Dionne rocks this vibrant hat with full confidence. And even if she removed the hat, that cute orange, textured top would still stand on its own.

Cher’s plaid jacket over a silk top is bold, but it works.

Cher’s yellow shirt tied the outfit together. Paramount Pictures

This film has no shortage of feathered sleeves and collars and this is one of the best.

The pop of yellow underneath picks up the colour in the jacket and also ties into Cher’s overall personal style since it’s a colour she wears repeatedly.

Cher’s red and black plaid set is also iconic.

It’s a more subtle version of Cher’s famous yellow set. Paramount Pictures

Cher has no shortage of matching outfits, and though this one is one of the most understated colour combinations she wears, it’s one of her most sophisticated looks.

Dionne’s magenta and leopard combination is one of her best looks.

Not everyone can pull off a leopard print. Paramount Pictures

Dionne may have been a trend forecaster in her past life because magenta and leopard have come back in style numerous times since the movie came out.

That leopard coat would be flying off of the racks today and the simple jewellery pieces she pairs with it are the perfect accents.

Cher’s red-hot date outfit is bold and fun.

The bold colour made the dress iconic. Paramount Pictures

This dress is very similar to Cher’s Calvin Klein number. But the bold, red colour really gives the outfit extra pizzazz.

Cher’s big, fluffy sweater sleeves were trendy and cute.

Cher rocked quite a few plaid outfits throughout the film. Paramount Pictures

Cher rocks a lof of plaid, but this larger checked pattern on her skirt paired with a cropped cardigan with fluffy cuffs added a softness to her look.

Tai and Cher rocked some great patterned workout gear.

Tai and Cher both wear bold patterns to workout. Paramount Pictures

Cher donned this workout look in the comfort of her own home rather than the gym. She still made the look her own by rocking plaid.

Tai also brought her own flair to her floral workout look by tying her flannel around her waist.

Tai’s matching set wasn’t really her style, but it’s still a great look.

Tai took a little inspiration from Cher for this look. Paramount Pictures

Tai isn’t immune to the matching sets that populate this film, but hers has a bit of an old-school feel to it. The pocket detailing and wide collar evoke some vintage Chanel styles but the tube socks and the headband give it a contemporary flair.

Dionne, Cher, and Amber’s gym outfits are uniquely their own.

They make gym class look fun. Paramount Pictures

Each character found a way to put together a black-and-white look that matches their personal styles.

Summer is only briefly in the movie but her outfit is memorable.

It’s a colourful look. Paramount Pictures

Although Summer doesn’t get a ton of screen time in the film, we can’t help but turn heads at her personal style.

Here she layers a graphic tee over a yellow long-sleeve shirt, with a pop of red on her shirt, bag, and hair accessory.

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