The 16 Best Superyachts On Display At This Year's Monaco Yacht Show

monaco yacht show 2012

Photo: © Monaco Yacht Show

Last week’s annual Monaco Yacht Show featured some of the most luxurious ships on the water today. Since with yachts, luxury usually means size, it comes as no surprise that the most attractive offerings were also among the biggest.The 103 superyachts on display averaged 153 feet. The 290-foot Nirvana, with six decks and a 3D cinema, was topped only by the 195-foot Athena, a sailing yacht on sale for nearly $100 million.

The three-masted 'Athena' has room for 12 guests and is on sale by Royal Huisman for $92,966,400.

'Diamonds Are Forever,' owned by a fan of 007, measures 200 feet.

'Vertigo' won the Monaco Yacht Show Design Award this year.

The second longest yacht at the show, 'Nirvana' has a 1,615-square-foot owner's suite.

The 170-foot 'Mondango' accommodates 10 guests.

With room for 12 guests in five cabins, the 195-foot 'Darlings Danama' has a top speed of 15 knots.

The 'Smeralda' can hit 29 knots and has a range of 4,500 nautical miles.

On sale for $51.7 million, the 'RoMa' has a contemporary interior and was built in 2010.

At 166 feet, the 'Better Place' is the largest carbon fibre sloop ever built.

The 'Hampshire II' has a helipad that can be used as a basketball or tennis court (with nets to keep errants balls on board).

'La Pellegrina' made its world premiere at the show. It measures 164 feet and has a composite and Kevlar hull.

Winner of the 2011 Monaco Yacht Show Design Award, the 'Satori' was on display this year.

The 'Garcon' can hit 25 knots, and has 2,530 square feet of deck space, excluding the helipad.

Edmiston & Company is selling the 203-foot Candyscape II for $61.6 million.

The sailing yacht 'Silencio' was built in 2001 and measures 164 feet.

Here's something more affordable.

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