'Best Of Me' Has Worst Opening Of Any Nicholas Sparks' Movie

Nicholas Sparks’ latest film adaptation, “Best of Me,” did not have a good weekend at the box office.

The film, starring James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan, brought in $US10.2 million, marking Sparks’ lowest-grossing opening weekend at theatres.

Sparks is best known for 2004 adaptation, “The Notebook,” which helped propel Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling to stardom.

Previously, the best-selling author’s lowest opening was one of his early adaptations, 2002’s “A Walk to Remember,” with Mandy Moore.

Movie Opening Weekend Worldwide Gross
Dear John” (2010) $US30.5 million $US115 million
The Lucky One” (2012) $US22.5 million $US99.4 million
Safe Haven” (2013) $US21.4 million $US97.6 million
Message in a Bottle” (1999) $US16.8 million $US118.9 million
The Last Song” (2010) $US16 million $US89 million
The Notebook” (2004) $US13.5 million $US115.6 million
Nights in Rodanthe” (2008) $US13.4 million $US84.4 million
A Walk to Remember” (2002) $US12.2 million $US47.5 million
The Best of Me” (2014) $US10.2 million

Exhibitor Relations vice president and senior analyst Jeff Bock said the success of the movie depended on “how much excitement the cast and marketing were able to generate … and it wasn’t enough,” according to The Wrap.

Sparks has never had a movie adaptation released in October. His romance movies usually come out in the spring or early summer.

Three of films have been released around Valentine’s Day, “Message in a Bottle,” “Safe Haven,” and “Dear John.” Two of those made more than $US100 million at the box office.

Brad Pitt’s World War II film “Fury” commanded the weekend with $US23.5 million. It beat out competition from “Gone Girl” which has now made $US201 million worldwide. Fox’s animated picture “The Book of Life” also performed well over the weekend taking in $US17 million.

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