The Most Hilarious Things People Think Are Better Than Tim Tebow

tim tebow getting sacked

Photo: AP Images

Today is Day Four of Occupy Tebow — the meme that has produced tens of thousands of comments on this comment thread.The meme is a pretty simple one.

You think of something random, then put it in front of “> Tebow.”

For example, “WNBA > Tebow” or “Google Buzz > Tebow.”

We sorted through the mass of comments and picked our favourites.

North Korea > Tebow

From Justin to Kelly > Tebow

When a raunchy sex scene comes on while you're watching a movie with your parents > Tebow

Cash 4 Gold > Tebow

Qwikster > Tebow

Getting a single banana in MarioKart > Tebow

Somali pirates > Tebow

Windows Vista > Tebow

Having Chris Hansen ask you to have a seat right over there > Tebow

Cutting off your own arm because a rock fell on it > Tebow

The chillis babyback rib song on infinite loop > Tebow

Getting scurvy on Oregon Trail > Tebow

White Mike Vick > Tebow

Casey Anthony > Tebow

Taebo > Tebow

Zach Morris' mobile phone > Tebow

Nickelback > Tebow

William Hung > Tebow

The Decision > Tebow

Google Buzz > Tebow

Check out the whole thread here

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