The best no-contract NBN plans you need to know about right now


Bad connections. Congestion. Poor call centre support. Everyone knows someone who’s had a terrible NBN experience. That someone may even have been you. Australia’s National Broadband Network was supposed to be a step into the future. The reality is, it’s a mixed bag.

It’s probably no coincidence, then, that we’re seeing more and more no-contract NBN plans on the market. They’re a savvy way to make sure you get the best possible connection. Or at the very least, an easy way to ditch a bad one.

And these days there are enough high value no-contract NBN plans around to make you wonder: who today would actually sign a contract?

Here’s a look at a few NBN providers offering Premium speed plans with unlimited data and no contract:

Aussie Broadband is a good choice for a Premium speed no-contract plan, with great evening speeds on offer. Premium NBN plans come with a max download speed of 100Mbps but usually offer less – 70-80Mbps – during peak times. Aussie Broadband, however, comes in way above average with advertised typical peak speeds of 90Mbps – some of the fastest around. Aussie Broadband’s no-contract plan has no set-up fees, lets you bring your own modem, and the first month is currently free thanks to a promotion. You’ll need to use the coupon code “TV1FREE” at the checkout to redeem.

If you don’t like the Aussie Broadband offer, MyRepublic and Exetel are both good choices, with Premium evening speeds of 83Mbps. MyRepublic’s no-contract plan is particularly good value with a current promotion that takes $10 off the monthly cost for the next 12 months. Both plans are free from set-up fees and allow you to bring your own modem.

While Telstra plans don’t appear in the table above, you can actually get a Premium speed no-contract plan from Australia’s biggest telco. You just need to choose a Telstra Standard Plus plan for $89 per month and then add the $30 speed boost, which will bring your monthly costs up to $119. Telstra has the fastest Premium NBN around with an average of 92.14Mbps, according to its latest internal speed testing. Telstra no-contract plans currently have zero set-up fees thanks to a promotion that ends on February 25.

Note that TPG, MyNetFone, iiNet and Optus no-contract plans all come with set-up fees ranging from $129.95 to $200 upfront.

If you prefer to look at Standard Plus plans, here’s a selection with unlimited data dn no contract:

The Telstra plan here is your best bet if you want the best evening speeds. A Standard Plus NBN plan comes with a max download speed of 50Mbps, and Telstra will get you as close to that as possible with typical evening speeds of 46.35Mbps, according to its latest internal speed testing. Telstra’s no-contract plan currently comes with zero setup fees thanks to a promotion running until February 25. The no-contract plan comes with Telstra’s Smart Modem with 4G broadband back-up at no extra cost.

If you don’t like the sound of Telstra, Optus and Aussie Broadband could be your next best bet with typical evening speeds of 45.4Mbps and 45Mbps respectively. With the Aussie Broadband plan you’ll pay $0 upfront and can bring your own modem. The Optus plan, on the other hand, attracts a $200 setup fee, modem included.

Note that TPG, MyNetFone and iiNet no-contract plans all have set-up fees ranging from $129.95 to $200 upfront.

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