The 10 Best NFL Moments That You Missed Yesterday

patriots ravens fight gif

Photo: SB Nation

The replacement refs stole the spotlight in Week Three, making a litany of errors that eventually sent Bill Belichick into a fit of rage.As a result, some really great plays and GIFs have gotten lost in the shuffle.

They include a Cowboys player taking a cartoonish fall, a Ravens receiver celebrating joyously after a pass interference call, and Tim Tebow getting doinked in the head.

1. A Cowboys player slips on a banana peel/referee's hat

3. Fighting is now legal in the NFL

4. Stumblin' fumble in the Raiders-Steelers game

5. A rogue football hits Tom Brady

6. Jacoby Jones is really really excited that he got a pass interference call

He did this last week:

7. Phillip Rivers smacks a weak punt, walks away in disgust

10. The double missed tackle dooms the Patriots

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