The Best Moments You Missed From Yesterday's NFL Action


Photo: NFL Red Zone

Of the 15 games that have been played so far in week 15 of the NFL, the average score has been 33-13, with only three games decided by eight points or less. Three teams were shutout and seven teams lost by at least three touchdowns.The result was a lot of games that were not competitive. But there were still plenty of funny and entertaining moments.

From spectators being clobbered, to disturbing touchdown celebrations and Troy Polamalu taking a nap, we’ve got a roundup of the NFL action that you might not see on the highlight shows.

Pats fans showed their support for the victims in Newtown

So much FAIL in this Panthers fan's sign

Spaceball or Christmas tree ornament? Cool either way.

Don't mind Troy Polamalu, he's just resting

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is in a very bad place on this interception return

And here is what he looked like a moment later

One Colts lineman stabbed his brain on national TV. Another did his best McKayla Maroney impression.

Cardinals cheerleaders were looking awfully patriotic

Raiders fans being Raiders fans

And yet another Raiders fan

Many teams have fans that play 'Where's Waldo?' The Raiders like to play 'Where's Darth Vader?' (look closely)

The Seahawks unveiled their all-grey uniforms, something that is common in baseball, but unheard of in the NFL

A streaker during the Bills game in Toronto apparently removed his shoes

It was cold in New England and it is not clear if this Patriots fan is wearing anything at all

Now check out one of the biggest off-field NFL stories out there right now

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