The Best Football Fans In America created an exclusive list of the
most engaged fan bases in the NFL.

Using attendance (home and away), ticket prices (home and average), and some social media numbers, they ranked the most hardcore fan bases in the league. They then generated a score for each team between one and 100.

Most of the teams on this list were good in 2012. But some (America’s Team!) endure no matter how bad they are.

#13 Washington Redskins

Overall score: 70.76

Average home attendance: 79,654 (86.9% full)

Average ticket price: $US136

Washington may have one of the largest stadiums in the league, but they managed to fill it more often than not last year, especially once Robert Griffin III got going in the second half of the year.

#12 San Francisco 49ers

Overall score: 71.63

Average home attendance: 69,732 (99.3% full)

Average ticket price: $US138

San Francisco is moving into a fancy new stadium soon, which will be sure to push them even higher. But even with an old, non-football specific stadium, they drew incredible crowds.

It also helped that they made a run to the Super Bowl.

#11 Baltimore Ravens

Overall score: 73.34

Average home attendance: 71,278 (100.4% full)

Average ticket price: $US162

The Ravens were always on the fringes of contention, but last year they managed to break through and win the Super Bowl. That should create even more interest for this year and vault them up the rankings.

#10 Philadelphia Eagles

Overall score: 73.40

Average home attendance: 69,144 (100.4% full)

Average ticket price: $US144

The Eagles were horrid for the second-straight year. After high expectations in 2011, they fell apart due to injuries and an ill-conceived roster.

Philly fans are used to bad teams though, and fan support has remained high through a down period for the franchise.

#9 Houston Texans

Overall score:76.16

Average home attendance: 71,665 (100.9% full)

Average ticket price: $US146

The Texans got off a red-hot streak last year before stumbling down the stretch and crashing out of the playoffs in the second round.

Still, they have a good foundation in place and look to be ready to challenge for the Super Bowl again in 2013, so fan support should remain strong.

#8 New Orleans Saints

Overall score: 76.42

Average home attendance: 72,888 (99.9% full)

Average ticket price: $US147

The Saints and their fans went into 2013 with a chip on their shoulders from the botched Bountygate investigation. Even though the team had a down season for the first time in years, everyone (fans included) looked at it as an anomaly.

#7 Denver Broncos

Overall score:80.39

Average home attendance: 76,632 (100.7% full)

Average ticket price: $US160

The Broncos made a huge splash in the 2012 offseason, shipping off Tim Tebow and signing Peyton Manning to a big contract.

Their games became a hot ticket as a result.

#6 Chicago Bears

Overall score: 83.75

Average home attendance: 62,329 (101.3% full)

Average ticket price: $US193

One of the most historic franchises in the league has the NFL's most expensive average ticket for home games. Part of that is their relatively cozy stadium, but they also have a massive, rabid fan base willing to shell out big bucks for tickets.

#5 Pittsburgh Steelers

Overall score: 84.41

Average home attendance: 61,141 (94.1% full)

Average ticket price: $US196

For the first time in a long time, the Steelers weren't true contenders last year. This offseason they got rid of some key parts, and they'll be a very different-looking team in 2013.

The Steelers are one of the league's marquee franchises, and have a fan base that famously travels all over the country. They also have one of the highest followings on social media, with over 4.9 million Facebook likes and over 563,000 Twitter followers.

#4 New York Giants

Overall score: 85.51

Average home attendance: 80,495 (97.6% full)

Average ticket price: $US191

As the Jets wallow in dysfunction, the Giants have become the model franchise in New York City. They had a down year in 2012, but much of the same infrastructure that made them Super Bowl champions in 2011 is still in place.

#3 Green Bay Packers

Overall score:87.29

Average home attendance: 70,507 (96.7% full)

Average ticket price: $US204

Despite playing in a tiny media market, the Packers are one of the most intensely followed teams in the league. There are tens of thousands of people on the waiting list for season tickets, and they travel well. The Packers also have more than 3 million likes on Facebook.

#2 New England Patriots

Overall score:89.64

Average home attendance: 68,755 (100% full)

Average ticket price: $US183

The Patriots fan base stretches across an entire region of the country, and they've used that to their advantage. They have a huge following on social media, with over 4 million Facebook likes and over 630,000 Twitter followers.

Despite the Aaron Hernandez situation this offseason, the Patriots and owner Robert Craft are who the rest of the league looks to when trying to build a brand and a sustainable model of success.

#1 Dallas Cowboys

Overall score:100

Average home attendance: 88,531 (110.7% full)

Average ticket price: $US192

It's hard to argue with the 'America's Team' distinction when the Cowboys have the highest home and road attendance, sell out every game and have have more than double the Facebook likes (5.4 million!) of most teams.

The Cowboys haven't been good in a while, but the mystique is clearly still there for fans.

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