The 5 best new songs you can stream right now

Mariah Carey is back with a new breakup single, and the rapper Vince Staples has delivered one of his most rousing tracks yet.

Music is¬†easier than ever to get and harder than ever to sort online, so we’ve picked the best songs out this week that you can easily stream right here:

Mariah Carey - 'I Don't' (feat. YG)

She might not do any vocal gymnastics on her new single, but Mariah Carey is gloriously to-the-point in her kiss-off (after her own personal engagement recently fell through).

Vince Staples - 'BagBak'

The 23-year-old California rapper is already showing he's one of the singular talents of his generation. With a groaning industrial production, the quick-hitting single touches on racial politics and President Donald Trump, keeping it colorfully real throughout.

'Tell the one per cent to suck a d--- because we on now,' Staples says. He doesn't sound like he's kidding around.

Sampha - 'Reverse Faults'

Sampha's gorgeous, propulsive electronic soundscape ushers in even more stunning singing from the English artist.

Fetty Wap - 'Way You Are' (feat. Monty)

'Trap Queen' was sweet, in its own way, and so is Fetty Wap's new song with Monty, in which he tells a woman she's just what he needs. (She even makes him forget about money.)

Michelle Branch - 'Hopeless Romantic'

The 'Everywhere' singer is back after a long hiatus with a more subdued, sultry song, but it's nice to hear those distinctive pipes again.

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