The 10 best new restaurants in America, according to Bon Appétit magazine

Parachute, ChicagoYelp/Davin L.Want to know what’s next in food? Take a look at the nation’s best new restaurants.

Bon Appétit magazine has published its annual “Hot 10 list of America’s Best New Restaurants,” with recently opened eateries in California claiming four spots on the list.

Editors Andrew Knowlton and Julia Kramer curated the initial list of 50 nominees after travelling around the country in search of the best restaurants, ranging from casual to upscale dining establishments.

Keep scrolling to see the 10 new restaurants that Knowlton and Kramer applaud as the year’s best.

10. Milktooth (Indianapolis, IN)

Open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Milktooth is a brunch-only restaurant serving unique dishes and 25 house cocktails.

Chef and owner Jonathan Brooks and his wife Ashley offer plates like a Dutch baby pancake with salted lemon curd and seasonal berries ($US12), and a cranberry walnut and rocket grilled cheese on fresh bread with truffle honey and a sunny local duck egg ($US16).

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9. Manolin (Seattle, WA)

Manolin is named after the young apprentice in Ernest Hemingway's 'The Old Man and the Sea,' and the nautical theme rings true throughout the ocean-centric menu and dining room décor.
According to Bon Appétit, the star of Manolin's menu is its seasonal grilled halibut with molé sauce, an exotic blend of 26 different ingredients.

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8. Rintaro (San Francisco, CA)

At Rintaro, rice is made every 45 minutes and dishes are served just as they would be in Eastern Japan. The izakaya was built by Chef Sylvan Mishima Brackett's father, with the bar crafted from 100-year-old cedar.

To learn more about Rintaro, click here »

7. Kindred (Davidson, NC)

Kindred is the brainchild of a sommelier and a cook: Joe Kindred mans the kitchen, his wife Katy manages the wine, and their kids treat the place like home. North Carolina mayor John Woods frequents this casual Southern restaurant, which is well regarded for its milk bread.

To learn more about Kindred, click here »

6. Dai Due (Austin, TX)

What started as a pop-up stand at a farmers' market is now a brick-and-mortar restaurant with a butcher shop. Here, Chef Jesse Griffiths focuses on local flavour, sourcing ingredients within a 200-mile radius of the restaurant.

Choose from an à la carte menu or Supper Club prix fixe with two courses, vegetables, and dessert (all served family-style) with coffee or an herbal tisane.

To learn more about Dai Due, click here »

5. Parachute (Chicago, IL)

Bon Appétit describes Parachute as a 'Korean mum-and-pop shop gone delectably rogue.' The menu is designed to be shared and varies daily based on local ingredients.

Make sure to try the bing bread, which is sesame bread cooked with bacon, filled with potatoes, and served in a cast-iron pan.

To learn more about Parachute, click here »

4. Semilla (Brooklyn, NY)

Facebook/Flip a Plate

Semilla promises a communal-style dining experience at an 18-seat bar. According to the restaurant's website, the set $US75 menu is vegetable-heavy 'with meat and/or fish playing alongside in a more supporting role.'

To learn more about Semilla, click here »

3. Petit Trois (Los Angeles, CA)

For those who lust after French cuisine, take a trip to Gallic Chef Ludo Lefebvre's authentic Parisian bistro. Pretend you're in France and order the Burgundy escargots, served with garlic and parsley butter.

To learn more about Petit Trois, click here »

2. Gjusta (Los Angeles, CA)

Open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Travis Lett's food court-style restaurant serves over 15 varieties of sandwiches, fish, salads, soups, pizza, rotisserie, and pastries. Breakfast dishes are served all day -- because how can you put a time limit on a spicy egg sandwich with collard greens, Gruyere cheese, and bacon?

To learn more about Gjusta, click here »

1. AL's Place (San Francisco, CA)

AL's Place steals this year's number one spot. Chef Aaron London puts veggies in the spotlight and creates pescetarian-friendly dishes with unique flavour profiles. Even the French fries here are nothing like you've ever tasted before: they're brined and fermented in water with salt and cabbage leaves, fried in rice bran oil, and served with a smoked apple barbecue sauce.

To learn more about AL's Place, click here »

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