The 8 Netflix original TV shows coming this fall that are definitely worth watching

NetflixThe second season of ‘American Vandal,’ which premieres September 14, is just as good as the first.

Netflix is always dropping new shows and new seasons, but now that it’s the fall TV season, there are even more than usual.

To make choosing what to stream a little easier, we collected a list of the best new seasons and new series to keep your eye on in the coming months. These are the ones that are definitely worth your time.

There’s a lot to look forward to, including the star-studded sci-fi series “Maniac,” “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” and the final season of “House of Cards” that gives Robin Wright the spotlight (at last).

Here’s 8 Netflix originals to look out for this fall:

“American Vandal” — September 14

Season two isn’t as magical as the surprisingly biting first season, but it maintains the smart premise and tone without sticking to the same formula. It also dives into darker topics including false confessions and flawed education systems. And it’s about a prankster called “The Turd Burglar.” It’s truly poop humour at its best.

“BoJack Horseman” — September 14


“BoJack” is one of the best Netflix originals and one of the best shows on TV right now. And its fifth season is still strong. If you love this show, keep watching. And if you haven’t watched, it’s probably time to catch up.

“Maniac” — September 21


“Maniac” is not for everyone. It’s weird and a bit hard to follow for a casual viewer, though it’s easier to pay attention thanks to its star-studded cast, which includes Emma Stone, Jonah Hill, Justin Theroux, and Sally Field. It’s also directed by Cary Fukanaga, the director responsible for the groundbreaking style in season one of “True Detective.”

“The Good Cop” — September 21


“The Good Cop” comes from the creator of “Monk,” so while it appears to be a conventional cop show, it’s got a sense of humour about the tired genre, and has a quirky tone. And it stars an unlikely but curious pairing in Tony Danza and beautiful singer Josh Groban.

“Big Mouth” — October 5

Season two is just as sweet and gross as season one, and gets to expand its characters and world. If you have time, revisit the first season right before this comes out. It’s only eight half-hour episodes, so it won’t take too much time.

“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” — October 26

This show, which is perfectly cast starting with Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina, is also very accurately named. It’s chilling and Sabrina definitely goes on some adventures! But don’t expect anything similar to the Melissa Joan Hart sitcom. It’s very dark, literally and figuratively, and might be a little disturbing for those who are scared easily.

“House of Cards” — November 2

Even if you’ve never been a fan of the series, it will be a huge cultural moment as everyone finds out how the “House of Cards” team handled Kevin Spacey’s abrupt exit amid the #MeToo movement last year. When Spacey was fired by Netflix, the show had just started shooting its sixth and final season, so it was rewritten with Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) as the lead, which she should have been the whole time.

“Marvel’s Daredevil” — TBA

Patrick Harbron/Netflix

“Daredevil’s” second season was a bit of a downer, but it’s third season could still be worth your time and hopefully is bigger and better. It’s the best of the Marvel Netflix shows and if anything, its slow plotting will help you fall asleep.

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