Netflix's 18 original comedy films, ranked from worst to best

Meyerowitz storiesNetflix‘The Meyerowitz Stories.’

Netflix’s efforts in the field of original comedy films have produced mixed results, with a striking disparity between its best and worst movies.

This year, the streaming service extended its four-film production deal with Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions to last for four more movies (eight in total). The three Netflix originals Sandler has released so far have all been severely panned by critics, but are nonetheless widely watched, according to Netflix.

Sandler has scored one critical hit for the platform, however, with his role alongside Ben Stiller and Dustin Hoffman in Noah Baumbach’s new dramedy, “The Meyerowitz Stories” — one of Netflix’s most critically acclaimed originals.

To figure out which of Netflix’s original comedies are worth watching, we turned to the reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes to rank each release by its composite critical reception. We excluded stand-up comedy specials and any films that didn’t have enough reviews to receive a designation of “Rotten” or “Fresh.”

Here are 18 of Netflix’s original comedy films, ranked by their Rotten Tomatoes critic score from lowest to highest (if there was a tie, we used the audience score to break it):

18. 'The Ridiculous 6' -- 0%


Critic score: 0%

Audience score: 31%

Netflix description: 'When his outlaw dad is kidnapped, Tommy 'White Knife' Stockburn sets off across the West on a rescue mission with five brothers he never knew he had.'

17. 'The True Memoirs of an International Assassin' -- 0%


Critic score: 0%

Audience score: 42%

Netflix description: 'After his publisher markets his crime novel as a memoir, a novice author finds himself forcibly recruited into a deadly political plot in Venezuela.'

16. 'The Do-Over' -- 5%


Critic score: 5%

Audience score: 42%

Netflix description: 'The life of a bank manager is turned upside down when a friend from his past manipulates him into faking his own death and taking off on an adventure.'

15. 'Sandy Wexler' -- 32%


Critic score:32%

Audience score: 40%

Netflix description: 'When a hapless but dedicated talent manager signs his first client who actually has talent, his career finally starts to take off.'

14. 'Mascots' -- 50%


Critic score: 50%

Audience score: 35%

Netflix description: 'Eager contestants don big heads and furry suits to vie for the title of World's Best Mascot in this offbeat, comic romp from Christopher Guest.'

13. 'War Machine' -- 53%


Critic score: 53%

Audience score: 34%

Netflix description: 'When a proud general is tasked with winning an unpopular war, he takes the challenge head-on, not knowing that hubris may be his own worst enemy.'

12. 'The Babysitter' -- 60%


Critic score: 60%

Audience score: 61%

Netflix description: 'When Cole stays up past his bedtime, he discovers that his hot babysitter is part of a satanic cult that will stop at nothing to keep him quiet.'

11. 'A Very Murray Christmas' -- 75%

Critic score: 75%

Audience score: 36%

Netflix description: 'Bill Murray rounds up an all-star cast for an evening of music, mischief and barroom camaraderie in this irreverent twist on holiday variety shows.'

10. 'The Fundamentals of Caring' -- 77%


Critic score: 77%

Audience score: 83%

Netflix description: 'In this inspirational buddy comedy, a young shut-in and his caregiver take a road trip in search of landmarks, but end up finding hope and friendship.'

9. 'Pee-wee's Big Holiday' -- 80%


Critic score: 80%

Audience score: 62%

Netflix description: 'A chance encounter with a mysterious stranger (Joe Manganiello) points Pee-wee toward his destiny -- and his first-ever holiday!'

8. 'Little Evil' -- 83%


Critic score: 83%

Audience score: 42%

Netflix description: 'In this horror-comedy, a recently married man who wants to bond with his stepson begins to fear that the boy is a demon.'

7. 'Tallulah' -- 84%


Critic score: 84%

Audience score: 69%

Netflix description: 'While searching for her ex-boyfriend, a young drifter impulsively kidnaps a baby from a neglectful mother and pretends the child is her own.'

6. 'The Incredible Jessica James' -- 85%


Critic score: 85%

Audience score: 66%

Netflix description: 'Burned by a bad breakup, a struggling New York City playwright makes an unlikely connection with a divorced app designer she meets on a blind date.'

5. 'Win It All' -- 89%


Critic score: 89%

Audience score: 58%

Netflix description: 'After losing $US50,000 that wasn't his, gambling addict Eddie starts to rebuild his life. But an unwelcome surprise pushes him toward his old ways.'

4. 'I Don't Feel at Home In This World Anymore' -- 89%


Critic score: 89%

Audience score: 77%

Netflix description: 'A timid nursing assistant gets a new lease on life when she and a neighbourhood loner track down the degenerates who broke into her house.'

3. 'The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)' -- 93%


Critic score: 93%

Audience score: 83%

Netflix description: 'Grudges and rivalries abound as three adult siblings converge in New York to contend with their prickly artist father -- and his fading legacy.'

2. 'Deidra & Laney Rob a Train' -- 94%


Critic score: 94%

Audience score: 60%

Netflix description: 'With their mother in jail and bills piling up, ambitious small-town teens Deidra and Laney plot a series of train robberies to keep themselves afloat.'

1. 'Tramps' -- 95%


Critic score: 95%

Audience score: 73%

Netflix description: 'Pulled into a shady briefcase swap for different reasons, young strangers Danny and Ellie spend an eventful night together when the deal goes wrong.'

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