The 10 Most Hilarious GIFs Of The NBA Playoffs

chris bosh high five fail gif

Photo: ABC Sports

Today is the 25th anniversary of animated GIFs, according to various things on the Internet.Although they’re a relic of Web 1.0, GIFs have enjoyed a revival in recent years thanks to the quirky, amazing, and downright hilarious moments that happen during NBA games.

We’ve been hoarding gifs throughout the playoffs. Some of them are already legendary, while you may be seeing others for the first time.

Happy GIF Day!

10. Amar'e Stoudemire punks Shane Battier

8. Kevin Garnett is dumbfounded

7. In the background, Chris Duhon does the best travel dance of the playoffs

6. Gregg Popovich realises the Spurs' season is over against the Thunder

5. Tiny Grizzlies fans goes NUTS

3. Chris Bosh and Ronny Turiaf combine for a missed high-five

2. The longest, saddest zoom ever on Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak

1. Chris Bosh on the bench against the Celtics

BONUS! Little Ukrainian kid at the Euros happened during the playoffs too. Happy GIF Day

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