11 subscription services for the modern gentleman

SPREZZaBOXSPREZZABOXSprezzabox will send you an assortment of accessories and grooming products monthly.

The modern gentleman has a varied degree of interests, but no free time to explore them all. The solution? Subscription boxes. Whether it’s clothes or coffee, you’re only a short questionnaire away from sampling what could become new favourites.

Keep scrolling to see some of the subscription services every man should know about.

Birchbox Man delivers a box of grooming goodies every month.


Price: $US20 per month

Primarily a grooming subscription, the Birchbox always comes with at least one accessory or gadget. Members also receive access and discounts at the Birchbox shop, so you can buy more of what you know you already like.

Sprezzabox is a bit like Birchbox, but with the quantity of grooming versus fashion items reversed.


Price: $US28 per month

Sprezzabox delivers a box filled mainly with fashion accessories, and only one grooming product. Items are chosen based on the season and current trends.

Scentbird sends its subscribers a new designer cologne every month.

Price: $US15 per month

The first delivery includes a case with a cologne sample to last an entire month (or 120 sprays). The subscriber selects the fragrance that will be sent -- meaning you can opt for something new every month, or stick to what you like.

Launched August 10th, Scentbird for men is brand new.

Harry's offers a subscription plan for high-quality, made-in-Germany razor cartridges.

Price: Starting at $US15 per month

Choose from a variety of plans with varying frequency to get as many razors as you need. Harry's also offers a plan that includes shaving gel -- and every plan comes with a free razor handle.

If you're not a fan of cartridge shaving, Wet Shave Club has you covered with everything you need for safety razor shaving.

Price: Starting at $US29 per month

The first box contains a boar hair brush, shaving soap, double-edged safety razor, and razor blades. From then on, Wet Shave Club delivers razors, soaps, aftershave, and a 'mysterious' item each month.

Bespoke Post curates a different men's lifestyle box every month.

Price: $US45 per month (with an option to skip)

Members receive a monthly email telling what's in that month's box. Themes range from grooming supplies to the ingredients for a perfect cocktail.

Before the fifth of each month, Bespoke Post offers the option to order the featured box, swap to a different one, or skip that month altogether at no charge.

The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club lets you sample lesser-known beers.

Price: Starts at $US28 per month

This service sends a selection of seasonally appropriate beers from two 'lightly distributed' breweries across the US (or internationally for an extra fee) every month. The Mircrobrewed Beer of the Month Club always sends at least four different beer styles.

For burgeoning wine lovers, there's Club W.

Price: Starts at $US39 per month

Ideal for the aspiring oenophile who isn't sure what he likes yet, Club W sends three (or more) wines every month. The company selects the wines according to the flavour profile preferences of the subscriber.

For the man who has a taste for something stronger, Taster's Club sends a monthly spirit.

Price: Starts at $US55 per month

Choose between whiskey, rum, and tequila, and Taster's Club will send you a 'must-have' brand that makes your preferred spirit. It will also send a bit of information about the liquor, as well as instructions on how to drink it -- so you can really become an expert.

Mistobox is like Birchbox for coffee, but with more personalisation.

Price: Variable

Mistobox prides itself on playing matchmaker between the world's best coffees and your specific palate. Based on your answers to a short quiz, curators will send a 12 oz. package of coffee adjusted to the flavour profile you've selected.

Frank & Oak's Hunt Club can help you find your favourite threads.


The Hunt Club lets members pick five items a month, pay only for what is kept, and return everything else. You get 4% back in credit for every purchase and free shipping both ways.

It also comes with an advising service, so you can get some real-talk about what to choose before you take the impermanent plunge.

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