These 15 Tumblrs Will Make You Believe In Magazines


Magazines are flocking to Tumblr as the microblogging service grows increasingly popular.

From T Magazine and Vogue to The Atlantic and Lapham’s Quarterly, there’s a place on Tumblr for every type of publication.

Some magazines focus on interaction with other Tumblrs and quality aggregation, while others use the flexible platform to highlight their stunning photography and amazing infographics.

It’s a wide-open world out there, but these magazines are doing it best.



The OG of this entire affair. And still one of the best.


Some of the best infographics on the web. Makes you feel better about the state of the world.

Vanity Fair

Old publication, new Tumblr.

The Atlantic

You will feel smarter, we promise.

Entertainment Weekly

Not our favourite design, but quality content.

The Economist

Charts, comics, and The Economist's consistently great covers.


The most-followed magazine on the platform is also one of the best. Very pretty, which hopefully is not a surprise.

Lampham's Quarterly

Proving quarterly magazines can succeed in a much more instantaneous timeframe. And the best tagline: 'When LQ tumbles, history reels.'

T Magazine

A great use of the form's capabilities.

Total Film

Total Film has a totally sweet tumblr.


It's not about fashion anymore. In fact, it's almost entirely not about fashion. (There is, however, a weather report from the GQ offices.)


The content is not for everyone (obviously), but it stays true to the Vice voice.

Mother Jones

Another one that will make you smarter and a better person.


OK, maybe it's not technically a magazine anymore, but the photos are wonderful regardless.

Richard Turley (creative director of Bloomberg Businessweek)

Not a magazine, but Turley's Tumblr is worth watching.

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