The Best Luggage For Your Money

Whether you’re travelling for businessorpleasure, you’re going to need the right bag to get everything where you’re going.

But before you even start packing, picking a suitcase is the crucial first decision.

We turned to the experts at FindTheBest to help us determine the best, most affordable luggage in three popular categories: hard-side, soft-side and carry-on.

Travel product managers at FindTheBest picked the luggage based on price, size, warranty and durability.

The site provided descriptions of what made each bag a top choice in its category.

Carry-on Bags

Pacific Gear 20-Inch Carry-On Friendly Rolling Duffel: “Has a nice, compact duffel-bag feel, but the built-in wheels and retractable handle make transportation a breeze.” [$40]

Delsey Helium Quantum Tote
“A business-like carry-on ideal for transporting laptops, tablets, books, and paperwork.” [$60]

Samsonite Aspire Sport Upright 21 Expandable Bag: “A particularly large carry-on that will just squeeze by the TSA. Good for heavy packers.” [$77]

Hardside Luggage

Delsey Helium Shadow 2.0 25 Trolley: “Great combination of light weight and durability.” [$135]

Ricardo Beverly Hills Pasadena 2.0 24 Expandable Spinner Upright: “A simple looking piece of luggage with features that sneak up on you. Try the expandable compartments inside.” [$138]

Travelpro Crew 9 25 Expandable Hardside Spinner: “Customers praise its reliable, flexible roller wheels, which provide fluid motion but also withstand years of use.” [$170]

Softside Luggage

Samsonite Aspire Sport 29 Upright: “A little-bit-of-everything piece of luggage — lots of internal space, great extra compartments, expandable. Hard to find all these features at this price.” [$90]

High Sierra Evolution 25 Upright: “Surprisingly light for its size and space.” [$99]

Delsey Helium Quantum 29 Expandable Trolley: “Luggage tends to get a lot more expensive at this size, but the Delsey Helium Quantum 29 has a price tag you’d expect on a piece half the size.” [$102]

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