These are the 20 best budget airlines for 2019

  • Skytrax has released its annual list of the best airlines in every category.
  • AirAsia once again topped the list for low-cost carriers, with Southwest being the only American airline to make the cut.

The coveted annual rankings from Skytrax are here.

For the 11th year running, AirAsia has maintained its top spot as the best low-cost airline, according to the British consulting firm, which released the rankings in June.

Skytrax compiled the awards through an online survey across nine months, from September 2018 to May 2019, in six languages. This year, the company says, it saw “substantial increases” in voting in Spanish and Chinese.

Southwest is the only American carrier to make the budget rankings, coming in at number four. Here are the rest of the top low-cost carriers for 2019:

20. Citilink

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19. Flynas

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17. Level

Wikimedia CommonsAn Iberia Airbus A330 branded as Level at Barcelona Airport.

16. Air Canada Rouge

15. Vueling Airlines

14. Peach

13. PAL Express

12. Jetstar Asia

11. Scoot


10. Eurowings

9. Ryanair

8. IndiGo

7. WestJet

6. Jetstar Airways


5. AirAsia X

4. Southwest Airlines

3. Norwegian


2. EasyJet


1. AirAsia

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