The 3 Coolest Legal Torrents You Can Download Right Now

Peter SundeYouTube / Heml.isPeter Sunde, cofounder of The Pirate Bay

It’s entirely too easy for a conversation about BitTorrent to be steered by the issue of piracy.
The file sharing protocol is too quickly deemed a criminal tool for copyright violation. But what if you’re a creative type who wants as many people as possible to see your work?

BitTorrent can move massive amounts of data around the Internet, and it does so quickly and efficiently. Content creators are wising up to this and harnessing BitTorrent as a way to distribute their work around the world for free.

Here are three especially cool (and completely legal) torrents we’ve enjoyed recently.

TPB AFK – download link

This documentary takes a look at the events surrounding the court case against the founders of The Pirate Bay, a controversial torrent site. If you’ve ever wanted an inside look at what it’s like to run the world’s largest filesharing site, this is it.

The 4-Hour Chef Bundle download link

Author Tim Ferriss pushed out a supplement to his latest book, The 4-Hour Chef, in the form of a torrent. If the book is a DVD, this torrent is the bonus features. It includes extra recipes, videos and photos, interviews, and even a sample of the book in case you’re not sold on it yet.

Anything from the Internet Archive – download link

The Internet Archive offers an embarrassment of media riches — books, movies, audio recordings, and more. And they’ve opened it all up to BitTorrent. Everything you can download here is in the public domain, so go nuts and see what kind of treasures you can uncover.

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