Here's How We Ranked The Best Law Schools In America

Yale Law SchoolYale Law SchoolThis year Yale topped our list of the best law schools in America

We recently published a list of the Best Law Schools In America.

To create this list, we surveyed more than 300 American legal professionals to determine the best law schools in the US with the help of SurveyMonkey.

This year Yale replaced Harvard as the No. 1 school.

Our survey asked participants to select the top 10 law schools in terms of how well they prepare students to land their ideal job. We recorded the percentage of respondents that ranked each school in the top 10.

Approximately 52% of survey participants said they have a law degree, while 3.5% reported that they had a partial degree, meaning they’re either still in law school or dropped out.

We balanced our industry survey with objective incoming metrics — acceptance rates from U.S. News and World Report — and outgoing metrics — employment rates reported from the American Bar Association.

The results of our survey composed 50% of our final “Legal Insider” rating, while employment rates from the ABA and acceptance rates from U.S. News and World Report each composed 25% of our final rating. We took each metric and with these numbers we came up with a total score, which we then scaled out of 10 to come up with our Legal Insider rating. Yale, our winning school, received a Legal Insider rating of 10, while the other schools followed.

Below is a spreadsheet showing our calculations (click to enlarge):

See the results of our survey on our list of the 50 Best Law Schools In America.

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