12 Quotes That Made Kobe Bryant The Most Outspoken Player In The NBA

kobe bryant bernie bickerstaff quote

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After 16 years in the league, Kobe Bryant has become the most outspoken player in the NBA.So far this year he has publicly trashed former teammates, blasted one of David Stern’s ideas, and told “stupid” Lakers critics to “shut up.”

He’s not being disrespectful, he’s being honest. And it’s totally refreshing.

We went back through the archives and picked our Kobe’s most irreverent quotes so far.

APRIL: Kobe tells Blake Griffin how to avoid getting fouled hard all the time

MAY: Kobe walks out of a press conference after losing by 30 to OKC in the playoffs

MAY: Kobe Bryant questions the manhood of defenders who flop on charges

JULY: Kobe hates David Stern's plan to impose an Olympics age limit

PRESEASON: Kobe responds when asked why he didn't join Dwight Howard in doing the Gangnam Style dance on the bench

GAME #2: Kobe calls critics 'stupid' after the Lakers start 0-2

DURING GAME #5: Kobe fires an epic death stare at coach Mike Brown as the Lakers fall to 1-4

AFTER GAME #5: Kobe says he's too old to explain the death stare

GAME #7: Kobe praises interim head coach Bernie Bickerstaff

GAME #10: Kobe death-stares Jeremy Lin, then discusses flopping

GAME #11: Kobe is asked what people would say if he scored 138 points in a game

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