11 Extravagant Kitchen Gadgets For The Chef Who Has Everything

Thermomixscreenshot via YouTube/ThermoMix AustraliaChefs swear by this Thermomix blender.

Chefs are hard to shop for — if a knife breaks, they buy a new one. If they want a food processor, they go ahead and get the best one on the market for themselves.

So what on earth do you get them for the holiday season?

We’ve thought outside the box to choose 11 kitchen essentials that not every die-hard cook has in their kitchen.

Some of the cooking accessories are more costly, like the Thermomix blender at $US3,500, while others, like an Alesso digital scale, are much more affordable at only $US200 a pop.

The Vitamix is the so-called Ferrari of blenders.

The Vitamix 5200 is a cult-favourite. It has twice the motor strength of the average blender, and pulls food more efficiently through the blades meaning it can blend just about anything.

Buy it here for $US445

The Lello Musso Ice Cream Maker can make ice cream in less than 20 minutes.

For those with a sweet tooth on your list, the Lello Musso Ice Cream Maker can make up to 2 quarts of any frozen dessert in less than 20 minutes. It's both easy to use and clean, and has a timer that works in conjunction with the 'churn' and 'chill' settings.

Buy it here for $US1,200

Make amazing coffee with this high-quality coffee machine.

Considered one of the best coffee machines on the market, the Jura Impressa One Touch Automatic Coffee-and-Espresso Center makes cappuccinos and latte macchiatos with the touch of a button. It rinses and cleans itself, and has three temperature settings for hot water.

Buy it here for $US2,100

A truffle shaver is great for a decadent treat.

Truffles are perhaps the most prized delicacies in the culinary world, so buy the chef in your life an olive-wood truffle shaver to make their own delicious slices. This high-quality model can slice and dice to any size you crave.

Buy it here for $US100

The Thermomix will be your new best friend in the kitchen.

The Thermomix can perform up to 12 jobs, including weighing, puréeing, steaming, emulsifying, and much more. You can also raise the temperature of whatever you're blending to smooth and thicken sauces, or even make soups.

Buy it here for $US3,500

Grind fresh spices in a flash with a heavy-duty grinder.

This heavy-duty electric spice grinder by Waring can turn everything from cinnamon sticks to nuts into a fine powder. Simply set it to your preferred grind consistency, and the 19,000 RPM motor and stainless steel blades will do the rest.

Buy it here for $US130

These German knives will change your life in the kitchen.

This Wusthof Classic knife set is not only the most expensive in the world, but also the best. The 32-piece block set includes every essential cutlery tool, from a paring knife to a hollow-edge santokus. They're made of high-carbon stainless-steel, and are well-regarded for their unparalleled sharpness.

Buy it here for $US2,000

Get a more precise measurement with this scale.

Measuring ingredients by weight is way more precise than measuring by volume. This beautifully-designed digital scale by Stefano Giovannoni measures in a dual conversion system -- perfect for either wet or dry ingredients.

Buy it here for $US200

Get even more out of your KitchenAid with these pasta attachments.

Most chefs or bakers own a KitchenAid, so it's always a good idea to buy them KitchenAid accessories. One in particular that's on the pricier side is the complete kit of pasta attachments that can make lasagna, spaghetti, fettuccine, thick egg noodles, angel hair pasta, and ravioli.

Buy it here for $US330

Zest fruits and vegetables 10 times faster with the Zip Zester.

This zester is way quicker than regular hand zesters -- it can completely zest a lemon in under 10 seconds. It also leaves behind the bitter white pith of the fruit (a common problem with hand-held zesters), and makes curly potato fries and apple peels for desserts, too.

Buy it here for $US100

A high-end pressure cooker is a great tool for any chef.

A pressure cooker is a chef's godsend in a pinch: It helps make roasts, broths, and cuts down on cooking time drastically. The Fissler Vitaquick has rave reviews, and is big enough for any sized meal.

Buy it here for $US280

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