Beautiful Hardware That Won't Become A Reality Without Your Help


People have been using crowdfunding tools like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to raise the money necessary to bring their ideas to life.

For every smash success that meets its goal and raises all the money it needs, there are so many more that never get funded and don’t even get off the ground.

If you’re feeling generous and want to invest in some upcoming hardware, take a look as these cool projects we’ve rounded up that are raising money right now.

The Ridge

Stop carrying around your bulky and overloaded wallet. The Ridge is a brushed metal alternative that easily slips into your pocket while still holding everything you need.

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Home automation is letting more and more people control their lights and thermostats over the internet -- shouldn't we be able to bring this same idea to our security systems? That's exactly the aim of iSmartAlarm, which give you access to motion sensors, infrared cameras, and contact sensors straight from your iPhone.

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Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

Scanning loads of old photos is a bit of a chore. Why not just get them straight on your phone with this specially-formatted scanner that lets you photograph your photographs?

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In good times and bad, people need places to live. AbleNook is designed to be a quickly-deployed shelter for people recovering from some sort of disaster.

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Tried all the exercise tracking bands and still still haven't found one you like? You need to check out the Amiigo to see if it offers what you want.

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Lithe Clock

In the mood for a new take on the clock? The Lithe Clock has super-long and super-skinny hands that make it almost appear to dance as time passes throughout the day.

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Olive ONE

Want a one-stop shop for your media? Olive's ONE player brings together Pandora, YouTube, Amazon Locker, iTunes Match, and Google Play content (or stream from your own network at no cost).

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This GPS-capable watch is a dream come true for the avid runner or hiker. It stores maps for offline use to display your position and keep you on course.

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