The 10 best keyboard apps for customising your iPhone

The iPhone’s default keyboard is great, but thanks to iOS 8 you can now swap it out for a third-party keyboard that does something a little different.

We’ve collected the 10 best keyboard apps for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking to type faster or send GIFs and stickers to your friends, you’re bound to find something that fits your communication style.

SwiftKey learns from your writing style.

SwiftKey is smart keyboard that's designed to learn how you type in order to speed things along. The autocorrect feature gets increasingly accurate over time, and it does a good job at predicting what words you're typing before you've finished tapping. If you want to slide between letters, you can also turn on SwiftKey Flow.

Price: Free

Fill in forms faster with TextExpander 3.

TextExpander 3 turns your shorthand phrases like 'tyvm' into 'thank you very much.' You can set up shorthand letter combinations for quickly filling in your email, salutations, or even customised notes for situations when you need to fire off a quick response.

Price: $US4.99

Send GIFs to your friends in a flash with GIF keyboard.

GIF keyboard makes it easy to message your friend funny GIFs. You can browse its library of millions of GIFs with sections devoted to reactions like #Want or #DealWithIt, or search by using a specific keyword like 'Harry Potter.' The best part, however, is that the GIFs display inline within iMessage.

Price: Free

Proofread your documents with Ginger Keyboard.

Ginger Keyboard is great for double-checking your grammar and improving your writing. The spell check feature lets you choose whether to swap out words or not, and if you're writing something longer you can jump over to Ginger's Page writing app for a full proofread that can show you how to rephrase wonky sentences.

Price: Free

Surprise everyone with the crazy Morse Code Telegraph Keyboard.

Who needs keys on their keyboard? If you're looking for a laugh or just to learn Morse Code, this keyboard lets you tap out dots and dashes to create words. It's not the fastest way to type, but the included alphabet makes it easy to at least give Morse Code a try.

Price: $US1.99

Kanvas Keyboard lets you create custom GIFs and stickers.

Kanvas is perfect for people who like creating their own doodles, GIFs, and stickers. You can overlay text on top of an image, sketch over a photo, or choose from hundreds of stickers.

Price: Free

Hanx Writer turns transforms your keyboard into a typewriter.

Actor Tom Hanks loves typewriters so much he made an app that lets you type on a virtual one. Hanx Writer has a polished design, satisfying clicks and clacks from the keyboard, and multiple typewriters to choose from.

Price: Free

Fleksy is a powerful keyboard that's easy to customise.

Fleksy gives you easy access to extensions that let you hunt for GIFS, create hotkeys, or control your onscreen cursor without having to remove your hands from the keyboard. You can also customise the colour and size of your keyboards for a personal touch.

Price: $US0.99

Swipe to form words instead of tapping with Swype.

Swype offers an incredibly fast way to type, allowing you to swipe through letters to string together a word rather than tapping each letter out. The more you type, the smarter it gets at predicting your words, too. It supports emojis, custom layouts, and even lets you add your own words to the dictionary.

Price: $US0.99

Nintype lets you type more than 100 words per minute.

Nintype is a keyboard app that combines swipes and double taps (for double letters) to make typing on your phone faster and easier, though you can always type normally if you'd like. There's also shortcuts for punctuation, emojis, saved texts, and hashtags.

Price: $US4.99

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