The 10 Overall Best Jobs In America

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When considering a job, you’re likely to consider stress, salary, work environment and hiring outlook. did the work for you and compiled a list of 200 jobs, ranked best to worst.The best jobs might not be the most glamorous, but they’re the ones real life employees are the most satisfied with overall. 

10. Mathematicians

If you're smart enough to get this job, it's well worth it. The average salary for a mathematician is a high $99,191, plus the hiring outlook is good and reported stress is low.

9. Computer Systems Analysts

Computer systems analysts develop software for companies to use. The hours aren't too long, but the time you do spend at work is often alone in front of a computer. Stress levels are moderate and the job isn't physically demanding. Being a company's computer guru pays on average $78,148.

8. Online advertising managers

Entering such a booming industry gives you lots of room for advancement. Work environment is also desirable. If you can handle the pressure of whether your next campaign will flop, you'll make an average salary of $87,255.

7. Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists make individual plans that help physically, mentally or emotionally impaired people lead normal lives. These therapists have regular hours, low stress and a good work environment. Hiring outlook is good for a job with an average income of $72,110.

6. Audiologists

Audiologists diagnose hearing problems and offer treatments. Perks include low levels of stress, lots of interaction with others and regular hours. Breaking into the field can be tricky but not impossible and average pay is $67,137.

5. Financial planners

Financial planners have lots of opportunities for advancement and low levels of stress. While managing others' money can keep you inside a cubicle for long hours, you'll be rewarded handsomely: average pay is $104,161.

4. Dental Hygienists

Dental Hygienists enjoy consistent work, low levels of stress and flexible hours. It's also fairly easy to break into the field. If you can stand all the time on your feet, salary is $68,109.

3. Human Resources Managers

HR managers prove that solving others' problems isn't very stressful: they reported a relaxing work environment and very little stress and travel. There are also lots of opportunities for jobs in the field. The average salary is high at $99,102

2. Actuaries

Actuaries, who interpret statistics for probability of accidents, illness and death, had among the best work environments and had few physical demands. Chance for advancement and hiring outlook are also great. Actuaries make an average of $88,202.

1. Software engineers

Software engineers had among the lowest stress levels, though they said a high energy level was necessary. They also reported good room for advancement. The average income is well above average at $88,142.

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