The 10 best jobs for working parents

Juggling a personal life and professional life is no easy feat — especially if you’re a parent.

The good news is, there are plenty of high-paying, low-stress jobs out there that also offer great flexibility, making them ideal for anybody who wants to support their family and still be able to spend time with their kids.

PayScale sifted through its database to find the 10 best professions for working parents.

7. Software developer

Median annual pay: $US76,200

PayScale says: When nearly all of your job responsibilities involve pouring through thousands of lines of code, you can work from just about anywhere you want. This job is in high demand and gets high marks for flexibility and the ability to telecommute. So bone up on your coding skills!

Percentage who say this is a 'low stress job':61

Percentage who say this job offers high flexibility:82

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