The 20 Best Jobs For People Who Want A Life Outside Of Work

Thanks to tight deadlines, crowded inboxes, constant meetings, and pressure to perform, it’s easy to fall into the trap of working too much.

And while it’s important to be dedicated to your career, finding time for a life outside of work is just as (or more) crucial.

“As humans, we need other outlets in our lives, such as friends, family, and hobbies, to live the kind of lives that bring us greater satisfaction,” says Scott Dobrowski, a community expert at Glassdoor, a site where employees can review their jobs and employers.

Glassdoor recently sifted through its data to find which professions offer the most flexible schedules, the option to work from home, and allow employees to set their own schedules. In other words: the jobs that provide the best work-life balance.

Data scientist, SEO specialist, and tour guide top the list.

“By maintaining a healthy work-life balance, we see employees who tend to be satisfied in their jobs,” Dobrowski explains. Employees in these jobs are motivated and hard working, yet still avoid burning out, which is good for both the employee and employer.

20. Game Designer

Work-life balance score: 3.8

'Nice people with a high team spirit, a great work life balance, countless events, activities, and benefits and low hierarchies.' -- Wooga Game Designer (Berlin, Germany)

19. Real Estate Broker

Work-life balance score: 3.8

'Flexible schedule, unlimited income, great work environment.' -- Century 21 Real Estate Broker (location, n/a)

18. Carpenter

Work-life balance score: 3.8

'Lots of chances to move up or lateral moves if you don't like what you are doing. Environment values family and having a life outside of work.' -- Fluor Carpenter (Boulder, Colorado)

17. Substitute Teacher

Work-life balance score: 3.8

'The flexibility, hours, and off on weekends with family are good for me. I do not have to pay for day care because of the hours. I don't have to work if I do not want to. I can pick and choose if I want to work that day or go to that school.' -- Killeen Independent School District Substitute Teacher (Killeen, Texas)

14. Office Assistant

Work-life balance score: 3.9

'Employees are passionate about their work and enthusiastic about coming to work each day, striking an appropriate work-life balance.' -- NPR Office Assistant (Washington, D.C.)

12. Investment Analyst

Work-life balance score: 4.0

'Collaboration, culture, benefits, diversity, openness to new ideas, great work-life balance. Great place to gain experience.' -- Wells Fargo Investment Analyst (location, n/a)

10. Equity Trader

Work-life balance score: 4.0

'The compensation is outstanding and there really is great work-life balance. Everyone you work with is highly intelligent. Leadership encourages innovation.' -- Tradebot Equity Trader (Kansas City, Missouri)

8. Corporate Communications

Work-life balance score: 4.1

'The culture feels like a college campus where you get to work with lots of smart people who also happen to be nice. Work/life balance is good.' -- Intuit Corporate Communications (Mountain View, California)

6. Group Fitness Instructor

Work-life balance score: 4.2

'Flexible schedule, free membership to workout, nice group of fitness instructors who are generally very knowledgeable about their particular classes- i.e. Zumba, yoga, spinning, clean and reasonably well maintained gym, very nice aerobics studio- large, mirrors and good sound system.' -- LA Fitness Group Fitness Instructor (Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania)

5. Social Media Manager

Work-life balance score: 4.3

'I feel that the work I do is important, both to Abstrakt and our clients but also to my professional development as well. Although I am kept busy, I also have a lot of fun at work and feel like I have a good work-life balance.' -- Abstrakt Social Media Manager (St. Louis, Missouri)

4. Lifeguard

Work-life balance score: 4.3

'Easy to get time off, shifts traded around, the management was nice most of the time. The members were friendly and there were lots of free workout perks.' -- YMCA Lifeguard (location, n/a)

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