The 10 best jobs for introverts

About half the population is made up of introverts — those who get their energy from within. Yet, according toPayScale, our world is largely “designed for extroverts” — those who are energised by being around other people.

“Crucial aspects of career advancement, from networking to public speaking, can feel like insurmountable hurdles for those of us who gather energy from time spent alone,” PayScale says. “However, introverts excel in jobs that reward their unique abilities.”

PayScale sifted through its database to find jobs that don’t require a great deal of interaction with others.

6. Web developer

Median annual pay: $US56,700

PayScale says: 'The internet is the introvert's dream -- a virtual world where communication takes place via chat rather than in-person interaction. Is it any surprise then that web developers make our list of top jobs for introverts?'

3. (tie) Video game artist

Median annual pay: $US50,800

PayScale says: 'Gamers spend more time interacting with virtual friends and foes than they do with real-life counterparts. Video game artists help create virtual worlds to make these experiences come alive, and they do it mostly without having to interact with people.'

3. (tie) Private chef

Median annual pay: $US60,800

PayScale says: 'Private chefs provide a valuable service to their customers, and depending on the size of the meal they prepare, they can be feeding a very large audience. However, they spend most of their time with the food, not the people who eat it, making this a top job for introverts. It's also interesting that the majority of Private Chefs are female (62%), an anomaly for chefs, who are mostly male.'

2. Statistician

Median annual pay:$US71,400

PayScale says: 'Statisticians let the numbers speak for themselves rather than rely on small talk. They spend their days immersed in spreadsheets and equations, which makes this a great job for introverts. They are also paid well for this work.'

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