Jennifer Lawrence's Most Outrageous Comments At Comic-Con

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Sweeping generalization: America loves Jennifer Lawrence because she acts human.

J-Law tripped walking up the stage to accept her Academy Award for Best Actress. Then she admitted to doing a shot before talking to reporters, and flipped the bird.

At Comic-Con last week, the “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” star interrupted Jeff Bridge’s interview with Extra because she’s his number one fan.

Her media circuit missteps have made her one of America’s most loved, and relatable, young actresses.

Here are the best goofs she made during her first Comic-Con tour:
MTV’s San Diego Comic-Con Live!:

  • Josh Horowitz: Do you want to say something inappropriate right now just to start us off, or should we do it organically? No, no, no, I don’t want you to expect it. It could come at any second, right? Yeah, yeah. I’m actually probably going to finish the interview, and then right as you’re packing up, I’m gonna’ [gooses him] ugh!
  • So “Catching Fire,” is this the one where you’re in blue paint or is this the one where you a hunt a squirrel? I thought you said “hump squirrels.” This is the one where I hump squirrels, yes.
  • On the steamy scenes with Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair: “I can’t wait to see how I flirt.” 
  • On prepping for the third instalment , “Mockingjay”: “I’m about to read the third book again. I’d like to refresh. Or, I’ve just never read it. I’m going to get the audio tapes.” 

Clevver TV:

  • Talk to us about the evolution of the relationship between Katniss and Peeta, because it is complicated to say the least. “It’s complicated.” That is her Facebook status.
  • You won an Oscar. Did you use it to settle arguments on set? Did you take it with you? I used it to create arguments on set. After I got back I was a b—- that came on set and was like, ‘Things are going to be a lot different around here, everybody.’ I just carried [the award] around. Made sure nobody forgot. Did it change anything for you in a way? Yeah, it changed my personality and my value system, absolutely. Why wouldn’t it?


  • On the skintight wetsuits they wore in the arena: “Onesies are an issue when you’re hot.”
  • On how she will spend her one-month break before “Mockingjay” production begins: “Maybe I’ll try to share a bag of Cheetos with a cheetah.”

Comic-Con Panel (via YouTube user magicinthenumbers): 

  • At any point did the Victory Tour feel like the Oscar season? I see some similarities. I mean, the stakes weren’t as high.
  • “Wearing [the wedding dress] was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. It was huge. It was 5 feet in circumference. And, I’m not good at walking in giant dresses, as you know.”
  • Audience member: Jennifer, I love you! Thank you. You’re a very secure woman.
  • “I had to have running training because I’m not a very good runner. I run weird. … The hardest stunt is probably basic running. And trying not to hit myself in the face with my bow, are my two greatest challenges.”

After the panel, everyone was talking about an exchange between the movie’s stars Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence. The pair spilled about a particularly steamy — and somewhat gross — kissing scene:

Moderator: How hot are the kissing scenes going to be?

Josh Hutcherson: So hot.

Jennifer Lawrence: Super hot. Oh! We should’ve brought the clip with the snot.

JH: We had one take—

JL: There was a lot of slobber. It was a resuscitation.

JH: When there was the resuscitation there was a kiss and there was slobber and it got connected to my face—

JL: There was slobber in the kiss, and I was crying, and there’s a huge string of snot.

JH: It’ll be very hot. If you’re into snot and slobber.

JL: I want to show you. I’ll put it on YouTube or something because you’ve got to see it. There’s all this snot coming out of my nose, and when I go to kiss Josh, it connects to his mouth, and then there’s a huge string of it and I go [coughs] and I try to wobble it. It’s awesome. So yes, it’s going to be very hot.

Watch the entire panel:

J-Law also appeared in the massive “X-Men: Days of Future Past” panel.

A member of the audience asked about the costumes — how Halle Berry felt being pregnant in Storm’s outfit and how Lawrence enjoyed wearing body paint and 70s wardrobe.

  • “She’s pregnant, I’m naked, come see the movie! [Laughs] I personally loved the 70s, the moments where I do get to wear the 70s clothes, because I like that time and I like wearing clothes, when I can.”

Watch a mash-up of her best answers:

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