The 12 Best Japanese Restaurants In New York City

Kyo Ya Japanese restaurant

While dining out for Japanese food in NYC doesn’t often require grilling up a whole cow like at West Village trailblazer Takashi, there’s no shortage of solid options offering some adventurous takes on sushi and more.

Check out NYC’s 12 best Japanese restaurants.


No. 12: Blue Ribbon Sushi

No. 11: Morimoto

No. 10: Sushi Zen

No. 9: Nobu

No. 8: Masa

No. 7: Sushi of Gari 46

No. 6: Kyo Ya

No. 5: Kajitsu

125 E. 39th St.

Food: 28
Decor: N/A
Service: 27
Cost: $91

Newly ensconced in a second-floor Murray Hill space that's an airy step up from its former East Village basement digs, this wood-lined, 'Zen'-like Japanese vegetarian remains a 'hushed' oasis for ancient Buddhist shojin cuisine, served kaiseki-style at dinner by a 'phenomenal' staff (and priced 'as if it were Harry Winston jewels'); at lunchtime it goes by the name Kokage and adds seafood and eggs to the set-menu offerings.

No. 4: Sushi Seki

No. 3: Sushi Yasuda

No. 2: Soto

No. 1: Sasabune

Prefer a different kind of cuisine?

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