12 Killer Apps For Your Jailbroken iPhone

iphone jailbreak

Photo: htaule93 via Flickr

We’ve already given you 10 great reasons to jailbreak your iPhone.Here are 12 apps you can install to customise and optimise your newly-liberated mobile device.

They’ll bring out a wide range of functionality, from adding informative widgets to your lock screen to turning your phone into a mobile hotspot.

Happy hacking!

MyWi 5

This is simply the most useful jailbreak app you could hope for. It turns your iPhone into a mobile hotspot, giving you the ability to tether other WiFi-enabled devices to your phone's data connection. Your laptops and tablets will never be without an internet connection again.

Price: $19.99


iFile is essentially a Finder for your iPhone. You can browse your phone's file system, copying, pasting, and renaming files just like you would your home computer.

3G Unrestrictor 5

This app tricks your phone into thinking it's connected to a WiFi network, enabling FaceTime calls, HD YouTube videos, and large app downloads from the App Store, all over 3G. Boom.

Price: $4


PkgBackup gives you a way to backup your jailbroken phone to make restoring it easier than ever. The newest version includes a way to back it up to your DropBox account.

Price: $7.99


Spire is a Siri clone that works on any jailbroken iOS device. There's no need to own specific hardware to get access to voice-activated assistant features. You'll have to pay an annual fee for proxy host addresses, but if you look hard enough you can find free hosts.

Cost: $20 per year


This app makes your lock screen a force to be reckoned with. You have access to weather, text notifications, and email alerts, all in a streamlined interface.

Cost: $9.99

colour Keyboard

Is the default iPhone keyboard bumming you out? Use colour Keyboard to give it some character.

Cost: $2 on Cydia


Barrel is a new way to animate the apps on your screen as you browse from page to page. Why not rotate a 3D cube instead of sliding from left to right?

Cost: Free


BiteSMS is the texting app that Apple forgot.

You can reply to texts without leaving your current app and view a pop-up list of unread messages. You can even schedule SMS messages to be sent at a specific time.

Price: $8.99


It currently takes four taps to access your iPhone's Bluetooth settings.

SBsettings is a great tweak that gives near-instant access to this and many more deep system settings, such as Wi-Fi, aeroplane Mode, 3G, and more.

Price: free


This app lets you create voice commands that work with your phone's standard Voice Control (no Siri required). Why not set it up so launch Google in a web browser when you say 'Google?' Not even Siri can do that.

It's completely customisable (you can teach your phone to turn off when you say 'hopscotch') and it all works through the normal Voice Control function.

Price: $4.99


Infinifolders kills the 12-app folder limit. That's it!

Price: free

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