Here Are The Best iPhone And iPad Apps You Missed This Week

soundcloud app

Photo: Apple

We’ve put together a list of all the best apps you missed this week for your iPhone and iPad.This week, we have some great new iPad app versions of some of our favourites like Bloomberg, Mint, and Soundcloud, as well as some hot new games in the mix.

Mint's one of the best iPhone apps, and now there's an iPad app.

Mint is one of the most used apps on our iPhone because it, somehow, makes managing money and checking on your accounts fun and beautiful.

The iPad app is no different, offering a variety of charts, graphics, and tools to help you manage your money.

Price: free

Finally, there's a Bloomberg TV app for iPad.

With the new Bloomberg TV app, you can watch Bloomberg 24 hours a day, share content with friends via Facebook and Twitter, and even download videos for offline watching.

If you're in finance and have an iPad, this one's a can't-miss.

Price: free

SoundCloud's new iPad app is for music buffs.

SoundCloud is the way independent musicians share music online, and now there's an iPad app to help with the sharing, recording, and listening.

Straight from the app, you can even post songs to your Tumblr.

Price: free

Batch is the first cool photo-sharing app we've seen in ages.

Photo sharing mobile apps are a dime a dozen these days, but Batch is different.

Batch won't make you create a new social network. Instead, it ties in with Facebook and Twitter to help you upload photos to each service.

For your friends that do have Batch, the app populates a news feed filled with their photos. So it's the easiest new way to upload photos to Facebook and Twitter, plus a bit more.

Price: free

Astrid is a new community-oriented To Do list app

Astrid is a colourful new To Do app in a giant sea of To Do apps, but Astrid stands out because it makes To Do lists social.

Create a To Do list, share it with other users and friends (via Facebook), and collaborate on tasks, make comments, and more. Plus, it's all synced and pushed via Astrid's online website.

Price: free

Modern Combat 3 is Gameloft's latest shooter app

Modern Combat 3 is the latest first person shooting experience from Gameloft, putting you begin the gun in 13 missions all over the world.

The game's a ton of fun to play, includes 12-player online multiplayer modes, and even supports AirPlaying the game to your TV if you own an AppleTV.

Price: $6.99

Whale Trail is the hottest new game in the App Store

It's not often that new games break the App Store's top 5, but Whale Trail did it.

Combining cutesy graphics with compelling and addictive gameplay, Whale Trail is a hit. There's a great soundtrack too, so your ears are happy while you're guiding Willow the Whale around various obstacles.

Price: $0.99

Van Gogh fan?

Explore Vincent is a cool new app that turns one of the world's most famous painters into 15 animated clips and 6 games.

It's a little pricey, however.

Price: $3.99

GifBoom turns your pictures into animations.

GifBoom turns photos and videos you've taken on your iPhone into share-able, fun GIFs (which are kind of like digital flipbooks on permanent repeat).

You can share to all your favourite social networks, add filters, check out thousands of GIFs others have made.

Price: free

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